All-star Supper

I think I have Steph to blame {or thank} for the obsession I have with Pioneer Woman.

AND, thanks to Deb and Amy, Kohen {still in my tummy} and I got to meet Ree last year! She is seriously so cool.  Even though she has turned in to such a big deal with all her Food Network stuff, many Today show appearances, and new cookbook due out this year, she seemed so down to earth…just like your one of your best friends.


Yes, I know she uses a lot of butter.  And, almost nothing she makes is low-cal.  But it’s all SO good.  So, so, so good.

Her cinnamon rolls? Yep, Best. Ever.

Needless to say, the hubs rarely objects when I make one of her recipes.  Ree just knows how make a recipe that is exactly Chad’s love language.  If I made mashed potatoes and beef for every meal, I’d never hear another peep out of him again!  So, maybe he really won’t object when I will serve up PW’s PanFried Kale later on this week!

I have been trying to collect good crock pot recipes  as I will continue to make the commute to work twice a week – 40 to 50 minute drive there and back.  And, once we really get into a routine with Chad’s job, I will need meals that can basically be ready to eat when we all get home and the boys are hungry {Mommy too}.  There won’t be any time to stand around and wonder what I will make.  So, my plan is to have a crock pot meal lined up for Tuesdays with the possibility of eating the leftovers on Wednesdays.  It worked out well this week!  Hopefully my meal planning will stay on track!  {Shout out to Jennea for posting 2 great crock pot meals on her Facebook this week.  Thanks girl!}

And, what you’ve all been waiting for.  The recipe.

Drip Beef from the one and only Pioneer Woman

  • 1 whole Beef Chuck Roast, 2.5 To 4 Pounds {I used a Beef Tip Roast – it was in the freezer and it worked JUST fine}
  • 1 can Beef Consomme Or Beef Broth {All I had were Chicken Bouillon cubes…dissolved 2 cubes in 2 cups boiling water – again, couldn’t taste difference}
  • 3 Tablespoons (heaping) Italian Seasoning {I used Mrs Dash – again, no problems}
  • 1 teaspoon Salt
  • 1/4 cup Water {I didn’t add this extra water}
  • 1/2 jar (16 Oz) Pepperoncini Peppers, With Juice {I used the whole jar – oops}
  • Buttered, Toasted Deli Rolls

I didn’t even do the pan searing part…just threw the frozen roast in a crock pot…dumped all of the above ingredients in…let it set over night.  Pulled out in the morning, turned it on low before I left for work (hello 6:45) and it was perfect when I got home!

Chad LOVED it.  Couldn’t stop talking about it.  Did NOT complain about having leftovers today for supper.  Requested Demanded that I put this recipe in the regular rotation.  K man too.

The pepperoncinis give it a little bit of kick and spicy flavor without being too hot.  The beef was oh so tender.  And we all had full, happy, tummies when it was all said and done.

Thanks PW for another successful recipe.  You never disappoint.  NEVER.


Tuesday Truth

This post was supposed to be titled Sunday Truth…but alas, the post didn’t happen that day.  Oh well, it’s given time for the thoughts on this entry to simmer.  Prepare to be amazed..

The church we are visiting is in a series on the Beatitudes.  We’ve missed the last few {obviously}, but this Sunday was on Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. 

The Pastor started out by defining what it meant to be pure of heart and about how the heart is the “master control” for the body.  To be pure of heart means to be not polluted by Sin.  He used scripture from Proverbs, a verse that I know well.  A verse that my good friend from college, Lauren, used to say that her mom would yell every day out the car as she was going in to school.  What a smart lady.


TRUTH for your Tuesday.

And because every post needs a little mommy & baby K love…




Weekend stuff

The hubs has been working all weekend. So, the K man and I got some super quality time together.

We met Ty for a starbucks date…Ko snarfed his blueberry scone, whatever it takes to have 30 mins of conversation with my big bro.  SO glad he lives close now!

We went on some ridiculously long walks in this RIDICULOUSLY amazing weather…can I get an AMEN? We went on a walk at 6pm last night…that is certainly unheard of for July in Kansas.

Met little brother Treybo for Chipotle…had some confusion on which one to meet at…thankfully we connected and everybody enjoyed some chips & guacamole…K included!!


It really is a special treat to be the only girl in my fam and sister to my special brothers. Thankful that both of them took time to hang with me and K while Chad was working. It made the day JUST a little less lonely!


With all this extra time just me and K, I’ve gotten to see his little personality start to bud. The kid is bonkers about trucks, wheels, tractors, cars…on my commute to work last week with him along we had to point out EVERY semi on the interstate! Yesterday the trash truck came…he was mesmerized at the window. Then, after his nap, the mowing crew was out…he stood at the window for a solid 10 mins watching them! Hey, I won’t complain about cheap entertainment! Also notice his crazy, sweaty nap head!


We took a trip to the grocery store all by ourselves! I packed an amazing goldfish snack and K was a trooper as I’m still trying to navigate around the new store and figure out where things are located. A huge pain! But, it will get better with time. I was going to make my own hummus…and still might at some point, but I just couldn’t justify spending over 10 bucks on a jar of Tahini…is it super important to the hummus?


Also another praise…we have transitioned to one nap a day and it has been going remarkably well. Kid is super tired from the morning activities that he just basically konks out!


Tomorrow we are going back to the church we visited last Sunday. They are having a newcomers lunch where we can learn more about the church and hopefully make more connections and meet new people.

The BEST Daddy

Chad had no fears about this baby since day one.  Solid as a rock.  He knew we could (with God’s help) handle whatever would come our way.  He was so excited to be a dad.


He went in to super dad mode in the hospital – never let me change a single diaper.  And still shares that responsibility with me so well.

IMG_7434 IMG_7450

We took a leap of faith this last year, and Chad quit his job to watch our little man full-time and study for his Athletic Training boards.  Not all men could be a stay at home daddy to the kiddos…but Chad rocked it like a champ.  No, not every day was all smiles, but he and K bonded is such an amazing way.


It was so neat when K finally decided that books were cool and would sit still…at least for a few pages!  And later on it meant reading Brown Bear over and over and over AND over again!


Sometimes Chad would send me pictures like this at work!  I tried not to go into super mommy freak out mode…trusting that K was always safe with his daddy (the dare devil…the family history goes way back on this one – I blame Grandpa Dee too!), but I’m sure they got to explore many more things that only a daddy would let his kid do!


Chad loves being a dad because it lets his do all the things his “inner kid” wants to do!  And K is getting to that age where he really LOVES to play with daddy!

IMG_0736 IMG_0856 IMG_1100

Chad is a naturally patient man anyway, but it is so amazing to watch him with K, he has a whole new level of patience and gentleness when he puts on his daddy-hat.


Chad’s new job will be a change for all of us – A GOOD ONE – but his daddy-awesomeness will not go away!  Excited to see how the relationship between him and K grows, and to see all the outrageous stuff he will teach him.


I love you Daddy – Love, K.

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City Life

We’ve been in our new place for coming up on two weeks.  There are plenty of awesome things about living in a big city (yes, Wichita and the surrounding areas are BIG for this girl!)  Target, Starbucks, Dillons Marketplace, etc…are all super close.  There are lots of great sidewalks all around where we live…we’ve been able to go on a walk almost every day.  (I’m already looking forward to Fall!)  My older brother is about 12 minutes away…he says that I can cook him supper any time I want 🙂  And there is always room at the table for you big bro!


I think one of the greatest parts about living in the city is that we are starting out on an adventure – JUST US.  And boy am I SO thankful for Chad.  This dude is a work-horse!  Packed up most of our belongings while I was working…loaded, lifted, drove the trailer, unpacked, sorted, hung stuff on the walls, organized…the list goes on and on.  The place feels like “home” even though we’ve only been here a short time.  A home tour will be coming 🙂


We have had a lot of fun getting settled…but somehow that always means multiple trips to Target.  But we’ve got all that we need and the few things that we keep forgetting we will eventually pick up, or they probably weren’t that important anyway!  Chad won’t officially start the new job until August 1st, so it’s been great to have that time to transition in to our time here.


We started the church shopping experience, and again another time I’m thankful for Chad – hello fear of going places by myself!  Even though I was fighting off tears as we walked through the door and joined in the worship songs, we met some very nice people and enjoyed the opportunity to worship there.


Little man is adjusting well.  We’ve noticed how much he is learning and how aware he is becoming.  It is so neat to see his little mind work.  He is a jabber box!  And is always pointing to things saying “dis?” or “dat?”  He is a champion eater!  Fruit is still his first love, but he will try almost everything that I give him (Much to Chad’s distaste).  He loves to push stuff around, especially his mower from Grandpa Dee, and he has also been trying lately to lift the mower on to the coffee table and ottoman.  Silly guy.  He understands SO much!  He will find the tractor in the farm book, will retrieve the ball when you ask him to go find it, gets excited every time we read a story about cats or dogs (sorry buddy, no pets for this family), and finds the wheels on everything.  SUCH a boy!


We are still trying to find important things in the city like the best parks and fun places to be outside, the best donut shop (I mean we will just have to stuff our faces with donuts until we find the BEST), & the best pizza place.  I mean, there are priorities, right?


Each day gets a little easier, and we are SO thankful to be on this journey.  Looking for what God has in store and anticipating exciting things ahead!

Getting Started…

This is a milestone…MARK. IT. DOWN.  I FINALLY started the blog that I have talked so much about.  Yes, you my friends, family and other random strangers may be wondering, “What, you talked about a blog?”  and truthfully, no, you haven’t heard me talk about my blog.  BUT, just ask the hubs.  He has heard about this blog for so long – and well now that we are off on a new adventure, it seems like the perfect time to start this thing up.

8T9A6509 1

I LOVE reading blogs – I spend hours checking in and reading on blogs of all sorts of different women.  Figured it was time to start up my own so that I could do fun things like “link up” with others, document the happenings of our home, and have a neat space for a few things that I have up my sleeve (stay tuned…)

8T9A6385 1 BW

I won’t make promises on how much I post, or limitations on what I will say, etc, etc…BUT I’m hoping to use this space to connect with others, talk about things going on in our lives, and mostly to show the insane cuteness of baby, i mean, toddler K!

8T9A6490 1

The amazing 1 year pictures taken by Megan Hein Photography.