Getting Started…

This is a milestone…MARK. IT. DOWN.  I FINALLY started the blog that I have talked so much about.  Yes, you my friends, family and other random strangers may be wondering, “What, you talked about a blog?”  and truthfully, no, you haven’t heard me talk about my blog.  BUT, just ask the hubs.  He has heard about this blog for so long – and well now that we are off on a new adventure, it seems like the perfect time to start this thing up.

8T9A6509 1

I LOVE reading blogs – I spend hours checking in and reading on blogs of all sorts of different women.  Figured it was time to start up my own so that I could do fun things like “link up” with others, document the happenings of our home, and have a neat space for a few things that I have up my sleeve (stay tuned…)

8T9A6385 1 BW

I won’t make promises on how much I post, or limitations on what I will say, etc, etc…BUT I’m hoping to use this space to connect with others, talk about things going on in our lives, and mostly to show the insane cuteness of baby, i mean, toddler K!

8T9A6490 1

The amazing 1 year pictures taken by Megan Hein Photography.


5 thoughts on “Getting Started…

  1. This is a great idea. I love to see pics of Koko and see how he is growing up. Now there will be stories as well. 🙂

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