City Life

We’ve been in our new place for coming up on two weeks.  There are plenty of awesome things about living in a big city (yes, Wichita and the surrounding areas are BIG for this girl!)  Target, Starbucks, Dillons Marketplace, etc…are all super close.  There are lots of great sidewalks all around where we live…we’ve been able to go on a walk almost every day.  (I’m already looking forward to Fall!)  My older brother is about 12 minutes away…he says that I can cook him supper any time I want 🙂  And there is always room at the table for you big bro!


I think one of the greatest parts about living in the city is that we are starting out on an adventure – JUST US.  And boy am I SO thankful for Chad.  This dude is a work-horse!  Packed up most of our belongings while I was working…loaded, lifted, drove the trailer, unpacked, sorted, hung stuff on the walls, organized…the list goes on and on.  The place feels like “home” even though we’ve only been here a short time.  A home tour will be coming 🙂


We have had a lot of fun getting settled…but somehow that always means multiple trips to Target.  But we’ve got all that we need and the few things that we keep forgetting we will eventually pick up, or they probably weren’t that important anyway!  Chad won’t officially start the new job until August 1st, so it’s been great to have that time to transition in to our time here.


We started the church shopping experience, and again another time I’m thankful for Chad – hello fear of going places by myself!  Even though I was fighting off tears as we walked through the door and joined in the worship songs, we met some very nice people and enjoyed the opportunity to worship there.


Little man is adjusting well.  We’ve noticed how much he is learning and how aware he is becoming.  It is so neat to see his little mind work.  He is a jabber box!  And is always pointing to things saying “dis?” or “dat?”  He is a champion eater!  Fruit is still his first love, but he will try almost everything that I give him (Much to Chad’s distaste).  He loves to push stuff around, especially his mower from Grandpa Dee, and he has also been trying lately to lift the mower on to the coffee table and ottoman.  Silly guy.  He understands SO much!  He will find the tractor in the farm book, will retrieve the ball when you ask him to go find it, gets excited every time we read a story about cats or dogs (sorry buddy, no pets for this family), and finds the wheels on everything.  SUCH a boy!


We are still trying to find important things in the city like the best parks and fun places to be outside, the best donut shop (I mean we will just have to stuff our faces with donuts until we find the BEST), & the best pizza place.  I mean, there are priorities, right?


Each day gets a little easier, and we are SO thankful to be on this journey.  Looking for what God has in store and anticipating exciting things ahead!


3 thoughts on “City Life

  1. I love reading blogs! So fun to keep up with you guys. And, seriously, Kohen is adorable with those two front teeth! Congrats on the new house!

  2. Tara, your experiences in the “big city” have been so much like ours! So many great things about it (yes, Target! Starbucks! Chipotle!) Like you, all my siblings live close by––in Wichita––too, and that’s been one of the best things about our move. But still, hard to start over, and leave friends behind. I cried walking into a new church each Sunday for the first six weeks! It will be hard to match Hesston MB!! But we’re adjusting and learning to love it!

    We’ll have to do coffee or lunch one of these days!

    • Yes, Deb. I agree with all of your sentiments. I’d say I’m adjusting quite well…until I think about what I’m going to do on a Friday or Saturday night and realize we don’t quite yet have friends that we could just “call up” or “stop by”. But, that takes time.

      What is it about being in a new church that makes you cry? I’ve teared up every time I walk in, when a nice person has smiled at me, singing during worship. I suppose it is because being a part of a church body is so important to me. And coming for a place like Hesston MB where people care SO much, it’s a tough standard. BUT, we have met great people, and no doubt there will be people who care here too. We feel like God is pulling us in this direction…and at this point, we are trying to follow His leading!

      Yes, coffee and lunch are both awesome! Let’s get something on the calendar!

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