The BEST Daddy

Chad had no fears about this baby since day one.  Solid as a rock.  He knew we could (with God’s help) handle whatever would come our way.  He was so excited to be a dad.


He went in to super dad mode in the hospital – never let me change a single diaper.  And still shares that responsibility with me so well.

IMG_7434 IMG_7450

We took a leap of faith this last year, and Chad quit his job to watch our little man full-time and study for his Athletic Training boards.  Not all men could be a stay at home daddy to the kiddos…but Chad rocked it like a champ.  No, not every day was all smiles, but he and K bonded is such an amazing way.


It was so neat when K finally decided that books were cool and would sit still…at least for a few pages!  And later on it meant reading Brown Bear over and over and over AND over again!


Sometimes Chad would send me pictures like this at work!  I tried not to go into super mommy freak out mode…trusting that K was always safe with his daddy (the dare devil…the family history goes way back on this one – I blame Grandpa Dee too!), but I’m sure they got to explore many more things that only a daddy would let his kid do!


Chad loves being a dad because it lets his do all the things his “inner kid” wants to do!  And K is getting to that age where he really LOVES to play with daddy!

IMG_0736 IMG_0856 IMG_1100

Chad is a naturally patient man anyway, but it is so amazing to watch him with K, he has a whole new level of patience and gentleness when he puts on his daddy-hat.


Chad’s new job will be a change for all of us – A GOOD ONE – but his daddy-awesomeness will not go away!  Excited to see how the relationship between him and K grows, and to see all the outrageous stuff he will teach him.


I love you Daddy – Love, K.

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