Weekend stuff

The hubs has been working all weekend. So, the K man and I got some super quality time together.

We met Ty for a starbucks date…Ko snarfed his blueberry scone, whatever it takes to have 30 mins of conversation with my big bro.  SO glad he lives close now!

We went on some ridiculously long walks in this RIDICULOUSLY amazing weather…can I get an AMEN? We went on a walk at 6pm last night…that is certainly unheard of for July in Kansas.

Met little brother Treybo for Chipotle…had some confusion on which one to meet at…thankfully we connected and everybody enjoyed some chips & guacamole…K included!!


It really is a special treat to be the only girl in my fam and sister to my special brothers. Thankful that both of them took time to hang with me and K while Chad was working. It made the day JUST a little less lonely!


With all this extra time just me and K, I’ve gotten to see his little personality start to bud. The kid is bonkers about trucks, wheels, tractors, cars…on my commute to work last week with him along we had to point out EVERY semi on the interstate! Yesterday the trash truck came…he was mesmerized at the window. Then, after his nap, the mowing crew was out…he stood at the window for a solid 10 mins watching them! Hey, I won’t complain about cheap entertainment! Also notice his crazy, sweaty nap head!


We took a trip to the grocery store all by ourselves! I packed an amazing goldfish snack and K was a trooper as I’m still trying to navigate around the new store and figure out where things are located. A huge pain! But, it will get better with time. I was going to make my own hummus…and still might at some point, but I just couldn’t justify spending over 10 bucks on a jar of Tahini…is it super important to the hummus?


Also another praise…we have transitioned to one nap a day and it has been going remarkably well. Kid is super tired from the morning activities that he just basically konks out!


Tomorrow we are going back to the church we visited last Sunday. They are having a newcomers lunch where we can learn more about the church and hopefully make more connections and meet new people.


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