Tuesday Truth

This post was supposed to be titled Sunday Truth…but alas, the post didn’t happen that day.  Oh well, it’s given time for the thoughts on this entry to simmer.  Prepare to be amazed..

The church we are visiting is in a series on the Beatitudes.  We’ve missed the last few {obviously}, but this Sunday was on Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. 

The Pastor started out by defining what it meant to be pure of heart and about how the heart is the “master control” for the body.  To be pure of heart means to be not polluted by Sin.  He used scripture from Proverbs, a verse that I know well.  A verse that my good friend from college, Lauren, used to say that her mom would yell every day out the car as she was going in to school.  What a smart lady.


TRUTH for your Tuesday.

And because every post needs a little mommy & baby K love…





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