5 on Friday

I like reading these sorts of lists and think it’s fun to link up as well…so here we are starting a new Friday tradition.

one.  We woke up to thunder, lightening, and rain.  As the morning routine moved along it turned into an all out serious thunderstorm.  Chad left for work in a downpour.  Two minutes after he left, the power went out!  It was actually kinda fun.

two. The electricity still wasn’t on, but I had planned a walk with a friend and the storm had moved out…so we went.  K loves stroller rides…or just being outside in general.  He also has caught on to the routine of putting on socks and shoes and then going to grab my shoes and then walking over to the door and basically throwing an all out tantrum until we go outside.  BUT he is a happy camper once we are out there!

three.  The walk with the friend I was speaking of in number 2.  What a blessing.  God certainly has a sense of humor.  I went to high school with her husband and we all three went to Hesston College.  And by a random facebook stalking moment, I saw that they moved into the same apartment complex as us in the same weekend!  It is so neat to have people we know so close.  I’m sure the boys will golf and the girls will chat.  It was so fun to reconnect with her this morning!  Thanks for making time for us, Laura!

four. Prescription Sunglasses have seriously changed my life.  Had glasses since I was in 2nd grade…transitioned to contacts in jr. high when sports got more intense.  Loved contacts, but as I got older my eyes got really dry and the astigmatism started acting up.  I noticed it a lot when I was in the salon and around the chemicals my eyes were very irritated.  And, even as I started in the office and stared at a computer screen all day, there was no way contacts were gonna cut it.  So, on to glasses every day it was for me.  At least I got some fun ones!  But, I have this feeling in the back of my mind that K will look back and pictures one day and LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH at how large the frames are.  Just like I did with my mom!  So anyway, I used to just be the gal who bought cheap sunglasses and wore them for a season, most likely lost them, sat on them, forgot them, etc…  So, as of late, I haven’t been wearing sunglasses at all.  Just squinting a lot (getting wrinkles I’m sure!) and dealing with the sun in my eyes.  Well, I took the leap to the sunglasses that I can see out of!  It’s amazing.  Of course the first few mornings on my drive to work it was FOGGY! But, I got to wear them on the way home.


five.  This kid.  Such a joy to be his momma.  Found him laying on the floor singing to himself after we got back from our walk.  He sure knows how to make me smile!




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