Sunday Smiles

Last night Chad and I went to a wedding of some of our good friends.  We went without K.  It was nice to not have to worry about him being too loud during the ceremony, wanting to run EVERYWHERE, what he would eat, etc…  It was good to be able to catch up with so many people.  We missed our little guy, but he had way more fun at home!


Then, K was up at 6 this morning.  6?!  Child, who are you?  Tried not to be too grumpy about the situation and then we catch him doing this!  Our groans quickly turned in to smiles.  We are so blessed to be this little guy’s parents.  And even more excited to catch this moment on video.  He was in his own little world – sitting still!!

Highlights from the video:

-K takes every book off the shelf.  Almost pointless to try and pick up toys during the day!
-When he gets to the “Emergency Vehicles” book, he giggles when he sees the police car – happens every time!
-Also see his pure joy when he see the “tanker semi”


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