Does it get easier?

K baby turns 14 months today.  He is rapidly turning into a toddler.  Moving more and more out of the baby stage everyday.  

He tries to express himself with pointing, grunting, and loud indecipherable phrases.  He gets upset when you don’t know what he is talking about.  But, it seems like he is exploring new sounds with his mouth all the time.  

Chad and I are constantly poking each other to look at him – just to watch and soak in all that he is doing right now.  We obviously are biased, but he is at such a cute & fun stage {let’s be honest, each stage gets more cute & fun as we go along}.  


K understands so much!  It amazes me…but then I do get a little perturbed when he knows that we are eating something and that he should get a bite too.  Or, when we gave him a taste of brownie and he proceeded to walk in to the kitchen where the pan was and stand under the counter pointing up and yelling until he got more.  We are getting very good at the art of distraction.

He is a little explorer.  Testing, opening, pushing everything!  He has figured out how to climb on the furniture and coffee table.  He knows right where to stand to be able to reach my work computer.  His little deviant side is shining through.  Awww mannnn, discipline already?  

K loves to read.  We are catching him “reading” books more and more by himself.  He basically has to sift through every book on the shelf to find the right book.  We will clear that up before he goes to the library!  Usually, he will land on Brown Bear, Jesus Loves Me, 100 First Words Picture book, or Wheels on the Bus.  Thankfully, even after reading through a book 3 or 4 times and when he really wants you to read it again, you can distract him and ask him to go find another book!  He usually will go pick out another, but sometimes he brings the same one right back!


This month I found myself struggling with all the tantrums he was having and how I felt like I was constantly saying NO.  Talking with other moms and doing a little research I learned about how at this age, toddlers like expected outcomes and routines.  How they are trying to express themselves, but it is hard because they can’t talk or convey how they are feeling.  Attempt to redirect, instead of saying NO all the time {easier said than done} but we are trying!

I have worked part-time after K was born.  Early on, every day leaving for work was hard.  I’d fight off the tears as I was driving away, but once I got to work and got busy I was ok.  Then, when Chad quit his job, it was SO much easier to leave.  Ko was just playin’ with daddy and somehow my mommy heart had an easier time dealing with that.  I would still get jealous when I’d leave for work, but K’s smile was right there waiting for me when I got back home.  


Well, with the move, our schedule and routine was forced to change.  So VERY thankful for grandparents who live close, are available, and WILLING to watch K.  He is so blessed to have Grandparents {all 3 sets} that love him well.  Today was the start of our new routine.  K gets to rotate his way around the gparents on the two days that I make the commute to the office.

K and I get to spend some windshield time together…and he is a trooper {most of the time}.  

Anyway, I dropped K off…and even though I knew I was leaving him in very capable hands, and I knew that he would be extra loved on, and I knew that they would have tons of fun, I still snuck out the door without him seeing and fought tears as I walked to my car and drove the rest of the way to work.  Ridiculous, right?  It’s supposed to get easier, right? Maybe not.  I love that kid like crazy and I want to be there for every moment.  At this point in our lives, I’m doing what needs to be done.  And, frankly, we have a pretty amazing schedule worked out that I am SO thankful for.  But, my heart hurts when I’m away from him.  


I got picture updates throughout the day and I had happy tears well up in my eyes each time.  K was having a wonderful day and I think Grandma was having even MORE fun {if that’s possible}

And then I came to pick him up…that priceless smile and giggle when mommy walks up.  He snuggled his head deep into my neck and while I was so glad he had a great day, I knew this was right where he was supposed to be.  In momma’s arms.


One thought on “Does it get easier?

  1. I’m afraid to tell you, I’m not sure it ever gets easier! 🙂
    Well, yes it kind of does…I always hated leaving.
    But, I LOVE being that Grandma who gets to spend the day playing with my grandson.
    We Grandparents live for those moments!! And hopefully, that gives you some peace of mind.
    My sister-in-law & dear daughter both use(d) sign language with their kids.
    Really helped with the communication…have you tried that?
    Personally, I think it’s wonderful…and has led to us understanding what the little one is wanting…
    most of the time! Wish I had known about that waayyyyy back then. 🙂

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