5 on Friday

ONE.  Chad’s birthday weekend!  And since he started his new job – in an office – I almost insisted that he bring treats!  Birthdays are a BIG deal 🙂  Plus, everyone in the office likes you just a little bit more if you bring food 🙂  I saw this recipe on another blog, where she got it from someone else…but I showed it to Chad and he said it looked AWESOME and I thought it was easy, yummy, and would be good for people to grab and go throughout the day.


DISCLAIMER:  The recipe requires that you sort all the marshmallows out first.  This is how I eat my Lucky Charms anyway…sift through the cereal before adding milk, remove ALL marshmallows, add milk to the delicious cereal without the stupid, crazy textured, sugary crazies getting in the way!  Seriously?!  Who likes those disgusting things?  ALSO, I realize that Lucky Charms without the marshmallows are just a cereal called Alphabets.  BUT, what happened to said cereal?  CANNOT find it anywhere.  It has vanished from stores.

TWO. Some of you may remember that my child, at age 6 months, swallowed this:


I would not have known, until I saw something shiny in his {how should i say this – FULL} diaper.  Had a minor {ok MAJOR} freak out thinking about all the could have gone wrong, but am thankful that it passed through just nicely.  Plus, the doc said that she has even seen open safety pins go through ok.  WHAT?!

THREE.  K was eating a snack {beloved goldfish} when his mouth looked extra full…I went over to see if he had 45 fish stuffed in there or what and I heard jingling.  Pry open his mouth and what do I find:


That come from this toy: {a set of musical toys he got for christmas}


Thankful for God’s provision that I looked over when I did and followed my mommy instinct to make him open his mouth!  Seriously child??  Seriously?

FOUR: We are on week 2 of meal planning.  It is our extra effort to be very intentional with grocery buying and saving money.  Last week while shopping for groceries, Chad requested that he get to plan the next week.  To which I said, “What?  You don’t like what I’m making?”  And he said, “I should have phrased that differently.”  You can see that this ended well…

So, Chad is the meal planner for next week…I will have to report back there…but I fear that the menu with be Shepherd’s pie, Hamburger gravy{don’t ask}, Mashed Potatoes with a side of Mashed potatoes and corn, Spaghetti, and turkey sandwiches.  All of Chad’s favorites and ones that I almost NEVER choose to make.

FIVE: God certainly has a sense of humor.  We choose the church that we’ve been attending based upon research online.  Didn’t know anybody there and no one recommended that we go there.  Over the last 3 weeks we have met people who attend the church that we have a past connection with.  1. Chad went to the eyeglass store, the gal working was at WSU when he attended there, they reconnect on facebook and talk about meeting people in town etc.., the gal says she has met most of their friends from church…where do they go to church? Same place.  2.  My parents’ neighbors’ {who also happened to be my 1st grade teacher and high school Chemistry & Physics teacher} son {did you follow that} works at the clinic where Chad is at now.  He and Chad were chatting about how they would like to have us over for dinner and if there was a time that would work.  Sure, maybe lunch on Sunday after church.  Yeah, where do you guys go?  Oh, same place.  AND they teach the 2yr old Sunday School class.  Yeah.  God is pretty cool like that.


5 thoughts on “5 on Friday

  1. Oh heavens the stories about things K eats/attempts to eat had me literally laughing out loud. When Verona was probably a year old she kept pooping out all these super colorful beads, the dog was laying rainbow beady turds too (neither of them seemed to care), and we could not figure out for the life of us what was going on. Turns out our roommates little girl was pulling cheap plastic bracelets apart and Verona and Banana were eating them.

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