Weekend Round Up

Whew.  We survived the weekend.  SO FUN!  I have absolutely no complaints about spending the weekend with lots of great friends and family, eating lots of excellent food and celebrating my man.

On Friday evening we met friends at Red Robin.  I just love that place!  Endless baskets of fries kept the kids happy and I had the Bonzai burger.  A pineapple on top and a hint of teriyaki, yup, delicious!

Saturday morning we were able to squeeze in a quick walk and then headed to Chad’s dad’s for lunch.  Hamburgers, hotdogs, homemade potato salad and cherry dump cake for dessert. YUM!

These are the kinds of shenanigans that happen over at the Hershberger house when Chad gets together w/ his nephew!


Luckily, Grandpa Dee likes to join in too…


Naps for the kiddos and little relaxation time and talking and then we headed back south.  A pit stop back home so Treybo could get his pre-i’mgoingbacktocollege haircut. And then we met the rest of the Unrau clan at BJ’s brewhouse for supper.


Talk about DELICIOUS food.  I had a mini pizza that I split with K.  Chad had ribs – fall off the bone delicious.  We also enjoyed some root beer and cream soda that they make in-house.  It was beautiful in there.  I would recommend this place if you are looking for a nice place to eat out.  A little more on the pricey side, but totally worth it.


We {of course} had to round out the evening with some Freddy’s frozen custard and came back to the apartment where we had K entertain us for the rest of the evening.  {What DID we do before this kid?!}

Sunday was another lovely day – we knew K would be up early, 6:30 or 6:45, so we decided to attempt the early service at church.  It worked out nicely…and it was also the first time I took K to the nursery.  As previously discussed, I have a hard time leaving the kid.  Since it is a big church, there is a check in system with stickers for the kid and parents {that you show at pick up} and it also has a number that they flash on the screen if they need you.  I think my eyes were glued to the screen, just convinced that our number would flash – it didn’t.  It was honestly weird to be in the service without K.  Chad even said he missed him.  But, it was also good because we were able to focus and weren’t worried about trying to keep him quiet.  K did way better than mommy – especially when we left him off.  When we came back, he was sniffling just a bit – they said he was off & on.  But, I think that it will just take time for him to get used to and he will eventually have way more fun in there.  We will try again next Sunday.

Then, Sunday evening we went over to Chad’s mom’s to round out the birthday weekend.  Paul fixed dinner – chili verde – and it was another fabulous meal.  The kids had fun running around and it was nice to sit around the table and talk.


So, basically, the whole weekend revolved around FOOD!  But, like I said, it was lots of fun and I’m glad that school and football haven’t started yet, so we were able to get together like we did!



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