5 on Friday


A little bit of baby K Kraziness!!


This kid is dancin on tables, spotting every airplane in the sky (thank goodness we live so close to SO many airplanes!), and running everywhere!  I KNOW I say it all the time, but it seriously is a huge joy to be his momma.  Yes, there are definitely tough times, where I feel completely inadequate, but this guy flashes me one of these smiles…and I’m done.



Since I’m the only coffee drinker in the house – hubs made a deal with me.  We sold our Bunn (amazing) coffee pot and got a Keurig instead.  I know, it may sound like a downgrade, but it has definitely been a great thing for us.  You see, since I was the only coffee drinker, making a huge pot of coffee was pretty pointless (even though it was delicious).  I found myself making excuses to go get coffee from the coffee shop instead of having to make a pot at home.

The Keurig has been great!  The Caribou plain version is one of my favorites and I even have a selection of hot teas to drink in the evenings.  Even better, I used my old Lincoln Perk barista genius to create a nice little mock latte this morning.  Fridays call for something special, right?  I put some brown sugar, and a shake of cinnamon in the bottom of my mug.  Brewed the coffee as usual. Then, added a few splashes of milk.  Hello Cinnamon Roll latte (sorta)!

Chad is also excited about the Keurig.  Not for coffee of course.  They make a great apple cider (Chad goes bonkers for anything apple).


All week has just been kinda nuts.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just adjusting to the new schedules and the new normal.  Felt like Chad and I were just walking past each other, never really having time to talk.  Last night, we finally took time to sit on the couch and actually talk with each other.  It was wonderful and much-needed.  It was also thundering and lightening like crazy…and K baby slept through it all (YES!)


Also last night, I got a surprise call from one of my best friends from college.  We’ve been trying to connect lately and it just wasn’t working out.  Sometimes it works out the best when you don’t plan it.  It was wonderful to reconnect for a bit…catch up on life.  Thanks for calling, friend!  You made my evening extra special.


We have another fun weekend ahead.  Helping with the rehearsal dinner tonight and going to the wedding tomorrow.  The groom’s family is extra special to Chad and me.  Nancy (the groom’s mom) spent this last year meeting with me, mentoring me, and encouraging me.  So thankful for the way that God provided that friendship to sustain me and to allow her to speak some (older & wiser) truth in my life.  I think the plan is for K to meet his future wifey (Nancy’s granddaughter) at the wedding! 🙂



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