Happy Birthday to you!

I won’t blast your age like I did Chad’s a few weeks back. 🙂

But, I wanted to give you ample space here on this little thing I’ve started…

They say that your appreciation for your mother increases after you have children of your own. And for myself, this was/is so true. Never have I had more respect and love for my mom. The gal took a whole week off work {willingly :)} to come and hang with me during the days after K was born and Chad had to go back to work. It was so wonderful to just have somewhere to be there with me, someone I could ask questions, and someone to hold K while I had a few moments to myself. And, she has also become my go-to for any and all questions regarding the health/well-being of K. It also helps that she is a nurse! Double score.


Mom has been to more sporting events {mostly basketball} than one could even care to imagine. And all with a happy heart, there to support and love on my Dad and the kids {when we were playing}. When I was on the court, I never had to wonder IF my mom would be there, it was just a matter of where she would be sitting. She and my dad came to EVERY volleyball match my sophomore year of college. Most girls on the team were from out of state…it was SO special to have them there.



My mom and I are quite alike {in some ways}…and that is sometimes why we have had a harder time getting along. But, the good times definitely outweigh the bad. We are quite different too, but it makes for very interesting conversations where we can lovingly look at each other’s point of view.


I can ALWAYS count on her for a special shopping trip and a chance to eat at a place that the boys would normally not even touch with a ten foot pole! Hello Bella Luna!

Happy Birthday Mom. I hope you know how loved you are. K lights up when we talk about you – and I know you will enjoy your day together this week.


One thought on “Mom

  1. Thanks, Tara Shae! I am blessed to be your mom! And–it is a blessing to observe you being a wonderful mother to K.! Love you lots, mom

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