Tender Heart

It is so neat to see the personality of baby K develop.  To see how his mind works, what boundaries he tests, what makes him excited, what causes him fear.

I don’t know if it is strange – but K has always been sensitive to loud noises.  When he was a baby, sometimes even a loud sneeze would cause him to cry.  He would get scared if someone might have an overly excited expression when looking at him.  And, he would definitely cry when other kids were crying.

I would find it sometimes embarrassing when around others and couldn’t understand why those things would bother him, until I took a step back.  Why was I trying to force K into a mold that other “normal” children would be like (whatever that means)?  Why would I think that it was not how a boy should act?  Yeah, I had all kinds of weird feelings about it.  In the end, I wanted K to feel ok expressing his emotions.  Those noises were honestly upsetting to him, and I needed to be there to comfort him.

So, while it seemed like we stayed in that stage for an eternity ( a few months in actuality) we moved on to other things and K became acclimated to his surroundings and it seemed like a distant memory for the little lip to pout out and tears begin to well in his eyes at the sound of loud noises.

We had the opportunity to spend time with K’s cousins this weekend.  It was neat to see them all together, having fun and getting to play well with each other.  However, I did get a glimpse of K’s tender heart.  I feel like this is probably his “Tara genes” coming out.  {To be clear: Exploring up on to the kitchen table is most definitely the Chad gene}

K played with G who is a little over a year older – and they were just being kids – wanting the same toy – no matter which one it was.  And the other two cousins were running around being typical 6 and 8 year olds.  For Chad’s older brother and his wife, their house is full of noise, and I’m sure they are used to it.  It is mostly happy noises of kids playing, making up games, learning and growing.  I know that our house will {hopefully} at some point grow into those same noises, but for now K is used to a mostly quiet home – where the only noise is the noise that he is making.

So, anyway, K seemed to just be a little on edge and every loud{er} noise was upsetting to him.  It breaks my mommy heart to see him so upset about those things – but it is also neat to see his sensitive {not bad} personality develop and all the aspects that make K who he is – who God created him to be.

He is a little explorer, inquisitive, loves all things boy, wheels, tractors, trucks, school buses…but he has a sensitive side.  K has a tender heart that I know God will use in mighty ways as K grows up and relates in this big world.


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