5 on Friday


Do you ever have one of those days where your head is not attached to your body?  Oh, really? It’s just me.  Great.

We had the great family car swap on Wednesday because Ty is a DJ extraordinaire  and he needed my dad’s truck to transport his gear for multiple gigs this weekend.  So, I swapped with my parents and then swapped with Ty.  It was a well-executed plan that went so well until I got about a mile from my house.

Rewind 40 mins – when I switched cars with my mom, I gave her my entire key chain.

Back to present – thinking about getting K supper and how we would spend the evening since CHAD WAS AT WORK.  And, then I realize – I have no key.  I am locked out of our place.  Insert stupid feeling #1.

Call Chad – no answer.  Call home – no answer.  Call Dad – no answer.  Call mom – oh hey! she answered!!

Let’s get to the good stuff.  My parents decide to just bring my keys down that night.  Ko and I grab dinner at Panera (I’m not totally upset).  I have a small container of Haagen Dazs Salted Carmel Truffle (a neat surprise from a co-worker) on my passenger seat, along with leftovers from lunch.  The urgency to find a fridge/freezer is increasing.

Chad finally answers – he was busy ( I understand)  Ko and I waste time at Panera for a little over an hour.  Chad gets home 15 mins before my parents arrive.  I make supper for the crew – all is well.  Just a minor detour for my parents and I feel like a dork.


Realize a day later that my brother – who was at practice 15 mins away, with a cell phone that he would have answered, has a spare key that we gave him, if an emergency such as listed above were to ever happen.  Wow.


Baby K Kraziness.

On Wednesdays, when my mom gets her turn with K, she brings him by the office after work.  He immediately runs for the stack of High Plains Journals in the lobby.  He loves to look at every piece of equipment in there!  He got super-duper upset when it was time to leave this week – and I figured it would be ok if we took one along on the way home.


The best part – I thought I would tweet the pic to HPJ to see if they would get any response.  They responded and asked if they could post on their facebook as well.  In a savvy marketer moment, I said “Certainly! and btw I work for an Ag company – can you reference them as well?”  Yes! Free advertising for us 🙂


Thursday is Chad’s day with K.  And, this is what I find on the photo stream later that night:


I feel like someone may be encouraging K’s super explorer spirit.


Chad is a hard-core Chiefs fan.  I know, it’s a tough life.  But, we celebrate when things are good.

Since K went to bed shortly after the game started, I caught Chad fist pumping, celebrating, and doing his awesome cheering in a loud whisper and mime actions.

Such a good daddy!



Long holiday weekend ahead!  We will have no problem filling every inch of the weekend with FUN!

Maybe a little resting too 🙂





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