Weekend Roundup

What a wonderful weekend…

Let’s recap…

Friday K and I went to the zoo with friends. We got there right as it opened because it was scheduled to be a very hot day. Oh, of course, Kansas did not disappoint us! But it was still so fun!

I only remember the zoo from when I was a kid. It was neat to experience it with K and to be there when there weren’t very many people. And, best of all, K loved it! He was shouting and pointing.

We got VERY close to the tiger.


And the gorillas always provide good entertainment.


After the zoo we got Chick-Fil-A for lunch, naturally.  Always a good choice, in my opinion…plus K likes it too!

After lunch I attempted to get K home before naptime…huge fail.  I looked to the back seat after a red light at the FIRST stoplight I came to. K was out!  He had a great morning.


He transferred nicely to the crib once we got home and we sat in air conditioning the rest of the afternoon!

Friday evening was the football and volleyball preview at the school where Chad is the contract Athletic Trainer, so we went to watch (and see daddy).  We didn’t last too long at the football portion…way. too. hot.

Saturday morning, my good friend (like since we were babies, basically) stopped by with coffee (bff status right there!) and to see the new place.

K took an early nap, and then we headed to my cousin’s wedding.

So glad the wedding and reception were indoors.  Oh, and it was so beautiful.  Every little detail was perfect.  I told Chad that if I were to have a wedding again, it would include some those same features.  Mason jars, old barn wood, wildflowers, old doors…just so cool.

And K was a trooper.  Helped that my mom and dad were there to occupy and entertain.  Thanks mom and dad!


I may have more fun dressing my little boy than I do getting myself ready.  I am enjoying every ounce of being able to choose what he gets to wear.  I know, that in the not so distant future, K will decide what he wants to wear.  And, that will be ok.  I remember my little brother, Trey, going through a stage where his only outfits were windsuit pants or jersey shorts, and T-shirts.  There was not even a chance mom could get him to wear something with a collar.  And look at him now.  Back to his stylish self!


OH, the highlight of K’s night.  My cousin and his new wife left in one of the farm’s semi trucks.  This one happens to be called wildcat (because it’s purple).  Don’t worry, they have a jayhawk too!  I think K spent half the reception out there circling the truck, looking at the wheels, and pointing and shouting.  It’s the small things.


He couldn’t even look at the camera he was so excited!

Sunday we went to the early service at church.  That has become a good schedule for us.  Since K is an early riser anyway, we just get up and go. Plus then we are usually home for an early lunch and naps!  And, I’m happy to report that the nursery has been going better and better each Sunday.  He even comes home with a Sunday school paper.  It IS so precious.  Jesus stickers on a picture that he colors!  Going to have to get coloring books and crayons for at home play too!

Sunday afternoon we helped bring the great car swap of 2013 to a close – this version was way less eventful, thankfully.  K had fun out on the farm.



Today we just spent time as a family of three.  K slept in till 7:30!  Unheard of!  It was glorious.

Went on a walk, grocery shopping (and K’s exciting weekend continued – a few firemen were at Dillon’s collecting money for MDA), K got to see the firetruck up close and personal.  Naps for the boys, a little work for me, time to run out at a park, and Chad made his favorite meal, spaghetti.  I suppose as long as he is cooking, I’m not complaining 🙂


And just a few more cute snapshots of K to round out this ridiculously long post!  Bring on a another week 🙂 (a short one too!)

IMG_1483 IMG_1484




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