5 on Friday

Friday again?!

No, I’m not complaining.


Chad and I became members at the church we’ve been attending.  Since it is a larger church, it is a much less formal process, but it was something that we knew we wanted to do.  It was very sad to send the email to our former church notifying them of the transfer of membership.  That church holds a very special place in our hearts – it was the first one that Chad and I attended as a married couple.  It was where we started our family.  A place where we matured in our faith and got to live life with so many other young families.  But, as we must, we are looking forward.  Not forgetting about the relationships from our time there, but we are engaging in this new opportunity.  Becoming members was just a step in joining this community.


I’m wondering at what point I’ll be able to make it through the Sunday morning worship without crying.  This last Sunday we sang a bunch of the same songs we used to sing at HMB.

Don’t get me wrong. Things are going well – lots of details have settled into place and I even mentioned to Chad the other day how our new place felt like home.  Like when we are leaving somewhere, this is the logical place that we should go.  It feels natural. But then, I just have those moments, where it’s all just too big.  And I’m reminded that I am just a tad out of my comfort zone.


Chad’s first football game tonight!  Growing up a coach’s daughter, it would only be fitting that I shouldn’t have any other place to be on Friday nights.  K and I aren’t going this time around – it’s an away game.  We plan to attend a few though!


K and I do have plans to go out to eat with friends!  Yes! We are gonna go to a yummy mediterranean place that Chad barely sets foot in!  It’s just best that I go without him 🙂 K loves hummus tho!! That’s my boy!


I love how cool and crisp the mornings have been lately – but then in the afternoon we are blasted by the 90s.  UGH!  I am trying to be patient, but is it too much to ask for fall to come early and stay late…



I’ll give you one guess as to who dressed this kid yesterday (thursdays are daddy days)…and yes, he is holding a green tractor, I’m publicly apologizing to all of my side of the family.  The don’t sell red ones in the stores!!


4 thoughts on “5 on Friday

  1. Girl the weather is the same here!!! It’s such a tease because the mornings have been amazing. But nope, the afternoons ruin it. I am also having a hard time being patient. Have a great weekend girl.

  2. Tara, I feel you on the whole crying through church services thing. I did that for what seemed like forever before we found and got settled in our church home now. I promise it does get easier! Will be praying for you 🙂

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