Weekend Stuff

Chad was “on-duty” all weekend.  Friday nite fball game and Saturday training for work stuff.  K and I got to take in lots of great adventures together, but I found myself always thinking about what Chad would say, or what he would like to see.

This is not meant to come across as a complaint.  I am so thankful for this job that Chad has and the opportunity to use his certification and gain experience.  It just sometimes stinks that he is gone for things.  But, hey!  This is what we signed up for.  And, I knew it full well when we went into it.  Just a little adjusting, I suppose.

Friday afternoon, I deemed it necessary for a Target trip.  And it just happens to work out nicely that Starbucks is located inside!  Target is SO smart 🙂

We ordered some coloring books for K online – the kid freaked out when he first saw them.  The tractor and Semi on the outside was enough for him.  A good solid 10 minutes of pointing and ooh-ing.  So, I wanted to get some colors for him.  Hello CHEAP leftover school supplies!  Pack of 24 crayons….50 cents!



There may have been more eating of crayons than actual coloring…but he had fun anyway!

Friday evening dinner was FUN! Have you been to Bella Luna?  If you have not, you are MISSING OUT!  Best hummus around, neat atmosphere, and close to fun shopping!  It’s a win-win-win!


Look at that beautiful gal! K even thinks so!

Saturday K and I went with some friends to the State Fair!  Wow, it had been quite some time since I had been there.  Funny how everything was kinda still the same.

K LOVED looking at all the big equipment…boats, tractors, ATVs, etc…

IMG_1509IMG_1507 IMG_1513

We enjoyed a delicious cinnamon roll, free sea salt caramel ice cream, and a chicken quesadilla for lunch!


We got there early and attempted to avoid the heat.  But, it warmed up quickly!

After lunch, the bigger kid wanted to ride some rides and before I knew it I looked over and saw this:


He was tuckered out.

I also saw this:


Looks just like a duck dynasty guy, right?!  Haha, it’s actually who we were with all morning!  A friend of a friend…he does look kinda famous tho, right?!


There’s us…in all our sweaty glory!

Thanks for letting me tag along!  K and I had a great time!


Aren’t they so cute?!  Next year’s family photo will be even awesome-er!  C’mon family of four!

Chad is home for the evening and maybe we will catch some KU football 🙂

Chiefs tomorrow!  woohooo…I hope no one in the house is disappointed…


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