We kicked off the season with a nice little family party.


K was so excited…

Chad was done with work training (thankfully) by kickoff.

He got home just in time to start the grill and take a cute photo with K.


Then I put K down for his nap and Chad managed the grill.

We snarfed brats and Bush’s Grillin’ Beans.

Chad even broke out the football coozies.


The game had a little bit of a rough start…but the boys pulled it together (it was so much more enjoyable to watch the game with hubs when the Chiefs are winning!)

Chad enjoyed teaching me some of the finer points of fball.  You see, I’m much more of  basketball girl – I just GET that game…fball on the other hand is quite confusing.  It is mostly because I’ve never played it.

Since the Chiefs were doing so awesome, I even looked over at one point and saw this:



Here’s to hoping that being a Chiefs fan this year is not so rough!



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