Weekend in pictures

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday were a mixed bag.  We had a few things planned, but some of the other time was just spent lounging around and enjoying our little family.  My kind of weekend!

Friday at the zoo was awesome!  Hardly any people there and the weather was perfect!  The kids did great.  But, of course, my child would like the ONE thing at the zoo that isn’t an animal.  The kid is OBSESSED with wheels.


We wore jackets!!

IMG_1553 IMG_1554 IMG_1556 IMG_1557 IMG_1559

Friday afternoon K and I made another trip to Target…where I spotted these!


Unfortunately they didn’t have big girl sizes 😦  And K is a boy – I don’t think Chad would appreciate me dressing him in these…


Saturday morning we went for Donuts!

Maple Bacon, Blueberry Glaze, King Midas (all delicious, naturally)


Don’t you just love K’s face…He’s all “mom! no one has time for pictures!  GIVE ME MY DONUTS!!”IMG_1569

And, we went back for more….

Oatmeal cookie and Peanut butter something….IMG_1571

K-man stuffing his face!IMG_1573

After that, Chad washed the truck, I formulated a grocery list, and we went shopping.  Lunch, and the boys took naps, I caught up on blogs and chilled.


Saturday evening we headed back to Chad’s Alma Mater so he could take in a football game and relive the glory days when #21 was out on the field.  So wish I woulda known him in college to see him out on that field, but it’s still fun to go back with him and see the joy all over his face being at the stadium.  It was super sweet to have K along as well.  Although, he wasn’t much for sitting still and watching the game.  He definitely has his daddy’s speed!

IMG_1578 IMG_1581


I dressed K in fall attire!  First time wearing jeans this season!  A friend of mine so generously gave me all of her hand-me-downs from her son.  It is so fun playing “dress up” when K still lets me choose what he gets to wear.  I’m living it up because I know that all too soon he will have a strong opinion in this arena.  Oh, and he is showing off his latest trick – his belly button.  IMG_1584 IMG_1583

This pic was before I gave in and let him run in the grass by the field while Chad watched the game.

Sunday we went to church, then met friends for Brunch at Granite City.  Have you ever done that?  Whoa!  Talk about delicious.  I think Chad and I were full until Monday morning!  Seriously good food.

Football and naps for the boys and then to another friends house for game night.  The girls took on the boys at Pictionary.  And…the girls won!  The boys are kinda bitter…ha!

I took along this popcorn.  My friend Steph introduced me to it last year, and I just had a huge craving for it again.  PLUS, candy corn was 2fer at the store, so naturally one bag got thrown together with some peanuts and set out on the kitchen counter.  DANGEROUS!  Chad made me promise that we would NOT finish it before the weekend was over…

IMG_0999 IMG_1002

I can feel that Fall is close.  And I say, BRING IT ON!



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