Real Life

Chad and I are blessed with some really great friendships.  People, who, after spending time with, just fill our hearts to the brim.  People we are real with.  People that you don’t have to try with.  Those who you can be yourself.  Those that encourage and inspire us.  Those, that we LAUGH – big time – with.  It’s kinda hard sometimes to find couple friends where both the husband and wife are compatible with us.

One of the hardest parts about moving away this summer, was knowing that we were leaving some really great friendships.  Yes, we wouldn’t be that far away, but yet, it would just be different.  Thankfully, one of the greatest parts of having some really great friends, is that you can either allow the distant to separate you, OR, you can just try that much harder to maintain the relationship.  And, boy, are we thankful.

This past weekend, Chad and I had the opportunity to meet up with some “old” friends at the zoo!  Yes, it has become our new hangout.  K loves it.  I love to see K’s reaction to all the animals.  Plus, I get some good exercise walking around and pushing the stroller.  And, this time, Daddy got to come along.  Chad hadn’t been to the zoo since 5th grade or so.  He was loving it too!  And, the weather was beautiful!  A really great day to be out!

Anyway, isn’t there something so great about watching a dad push the stroller!  Talk about quality daddies right there!


We learned all kinds of neat lessons at the zoo.  Circle of life type stuff.  And, on this particular day, we also learned about the “birds and the bees”.  You know those really large turtles?  Yeah, they were showing each other “extra love”.  It was a very special moment.  You can ask Chad to see the video if you really want to know 😉


Sweet baby girl.IMG_1618

Trying to get K to smile.


Those crazy gorillas.


K baby just chillin.


It was an excellent morning. I just love this guy – big time.


Thanks, Turner’s, for spending the morning with us.  You hold a special place in our hearts.  We love you guys.

And, just in case you needed a glimpse into more “real life” around this house….


Don’t you just love how we’ve redecorated the place?  Ugh.  I was just sick of saying no and decided to remove the temptation for the little one…


One thought on “Real Life

  1. Tara – you don’t know what a blessing you are to me. I couldn’t quit laughing at the pic of your chairs on the table. I’m doing the same things with Henry. Now I don’t feel so alone. And I can see what is coming because Kohen is 6 months older than Henry. Thanks so much for sharing your life!

    Mary Lou Hershberger

    Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 01:10:19 +0000 To:

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