5 on Friday


The hubs of the week award goes to Chad.  Our shower tub wasn’t draining well….so, he dug deep into his plumber skills and went on a mission to fix it.  A few minutes in to the process he comes out to the kitchen with a large blonde hairball (gross I know) and says, “This may have something to do with it.”  I am just thankful that he handles those gross tasks AND loves me even though I lose hair like a maniac and leave blonde hairs all over the house…


Speaking of hair…blonde won.  Wasn’t ready to pull the trigger on anything drastic.  My good friend from hair school still hooks me up with her amazing talent.  I can give you her name/number for anybody local that is in need of a great stylist.  It was a fun morning, and great to catch up with her!  Thanks Mak!


We got information a few weeks ago about Chad’s 10 year high school class reunion. Whoa!  We aren’t THAT old 🙂  So, this week, Chad got out his high school yearbooks.  We are friends currently with some of his HS classmates, so it was fun to see what everybody looked like.  Oh the awkward years 🙂  Plus, I looked at the clothing styles and remembered HOW COOL all those styles were….


Posted this pic on Instagram yesterday.  With the caption, ” Is it possible to love him more today that I did yesterday?”  Whoa, motherhood can be exceptionally challenging at times, but this little monster makes it SO worth it.



I’m currently on a mission to find some affordable fall boots.  (Like under $100)  We will see if I’m successful…



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