Great Day Of Service

Wow.  Just wow.

This is the 3rd year that our church has held the Great Day of Service (GDOS), but our 1st time participating.  Our previous church did something similar last year and it was so neat to be a part of something like this again.

Just picture 800 people, all dressed in neon orange shirts, gathered together for an abbreviated service of worship and communion, and then we all loaded up and went out in to the city and surrounding areas to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Putting our faith into action.  Physically showing God’s love.  It. Was. So. Awesome.


It was kinda strange to show up at church and everybody had the same shirt on…but it was so cool as well.

We left K at the nursery, participated in the short worship service, and then packed in the truck to drive to our work site.

We had filled out a small survey when we signed up requesting to be a part of a project with “light construction”.  I wanted to be on the same team as Chad, but I knew that I could work hard if needed.  We hadn’t met anybody that was on our crew, and it was a sweet blessing to meet our team leaders and the others on the crew.  Not to mention the grateful homeowners.

We got a call earlier in the week from our team leader (just picture Ron Buhrman!) I was almost certain I was talking to his twin.  He was PUMPED about leading this group (and barely let me get a word in…ha!)

You probably aren’t surprised, but hubs wowed everyone with his sweet construction skills and genuine hard work.  The women from the group cleared brush and other “junk” from the backyard, while the men dismantled an old chicken coop.  Chad led the demo and then reconstructed the gate to make it a functional storage space for the homeowners.  He also went the extra mile to fix the gate to the backyard, so that it was usable again.  (Sorry, I’m just a proud wifey…and I’m also thankful he wasn’t hanging off a roof or in a tree cutting down limbs like last year!)

We quickly filled up that back of the truck with brush, so me and another gal took a load to the community chip pile to unload.  I have no doubt that God placed us together in that truck.  Such a sweet lady – she has a daughter my age – and we got to know each other just a little bit more.  She shared her experience of being 11 years cancer free (yes!) and her wisdom regarding some family issues that she has encountered over her life.  She was so genuine and took a sincere interest in my life.  And then, we unloaded the truck (just us) we weren’t scared of a little hard work! 🙂

After we had spent about 2 hours at the work site, we cleaned up, prayed together and then headed back to the church where they had lunch provided for everybody.  We picked up K and hopped in line for lunch.  I was expecting a sandwich or something.  Oh no, it was an all out taco bar, chips and salsa, fruit cups, and cookies.  It was an awesome surprise!  We got to meet even more people while we gathered around a table to eat.

We had one more load in the truck, so we quickly ran that by the chip pile, meanwhile K cashed out.


So thankful that we signed up to be part of the incredible day at the church and the ways that God is using it to be an impact in the lives of those who are serving and those who are receiving the fruits of their efforts.



2 thoughts on “Great Day Of Service

  1. i can SO hear ron right now!

    and….i can DEFINITELY see chad up in a tree. and watching him from our backyard….and having casey mesmerized and then asking for a chainsaw for Christmas. just sayin’. ❤

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