5 on Friday – Nap time edition


Not that our week has been super crazy or anything, but I just didn’t really make it priority to get my blog post written ahead of time.  Chad and I rented a movie last night (more on that later) and I didn’t want to stay up late to write.  Plus, we had a play date this AM and I’m kinda having trouble thinking of 5 things!


Chad and I haven’t watched a movie in seriously a long time, but a few weeks ago we happened on to the local Family Video with a huge sign that said $1 rentals.  Heck yeah!  I thought it was like Blockbuster (RIP) in that your status or membership transferred between each store…but apparently not.  So, we gave them our quick info and we were considered “new members”.  Do you know what new members enjoy?  1/2 price rentals for 30 days.  Do you know what that makes the grand total for a rental…54 cents!  I think we have watched more movies in the last few days than we have since K was born…ha! (funny, but not funny)  We usually start one after K goes to bed…which isn’t good for my early bedtime!  But, it has been fun to watch a few new releases.  In case you are wondering, I have officially been taken off of movie-picking-duty.  My selections always stink!  What is wrong with me?!


K had some serious awesome adventures this week with his g-parents.

Chad’s dad took K to the fire station.  K touched the wheels of every large truck in the building!

IMG_1060 IMG_1061

My mom took K to a park where he has learned how to go down the slide by himself!  My baby is growing up and learning so many fun things!


IMG_1734 IMG_1735


He’s cute, huh?



It’s Barn Sale weekend.  Excited to be checking this out for the 3rd year in a row.  And the weather tmr is supposed to be in the 60s!  Sounds like fall perfection to me!  Plus, I’m headed to the sale with a few sweet friends from our previous town.  My heart will be full.


Happy Weekend Friends!


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