5 on Friday


We have almost survived K’s first molar pushing its nasty way through.  Sheesh.  I went into super first-time-mom-freak-out-mode.  From the puke, to the runny diapers, the refusal of all food and bottles, and the insane emotional moments, I knew there was just something wrong.  But, I didn’t know what.  Until yesterday morning…Chad was tickling Ko and made him do all out open mouth giggles.  He called me in to the room to check out the goods.  And sure enough, we have brand spankin new tooth coming in on the top left side.  Oh. Joy.



The barn sale was the bomb.  Tons of people, tons of great junk and crafts, and the most perfect of chilly falls days.  The parking was improved (woohoo!), I enjoyed time with sweet friends.  But, would you believe that I didn’t buy a darn thing??  What is the matter with me?!  I suppose it was that annoying voice of reason as I walked around.  Trust me, there was plenty that I wanted and could have most definitely turned into my ( I mean, Chad’s) new project.  But, we just don’t have space for any more “stuff” in the apartment.  And, I can’t justify putting another thing in storage for our future space when I don’t even know what our future space will look like!  Alas, I came home with no physical items.  But, I did return with a happy heart.


I’m the meal planner around these parts.  So, in my daily blog reading I came to this recipe.  Crazy, right?  But something about the way Tonya explained the recipe and assured me that the ingredients would be ok, gave me the final push to try it out for the family.  Chad admitted to me after the fact that while we were grocery shopping he was incredibly apprehensive about the ingredients we were purchasing.  Fish Sauce? Curry Paste?  Rice noodles?  But, he said that since he loves me so, he decided to go along with it.  Boy, was he happy or what?!  The meal was awesome!  Great flavor and just downright delicious!  So glad we stepped out of our comfort zone and tried a few new ingredients.  Plus we got to use the Wok we got as a wedding gift!  I may have even convinced a few co-workers that a new recipe doesn’t have to be scary 🙂





Did you know that this week is P.A. week? Yeah, me neither until Chad says yesterday that he needs to take treats to work to celebrate.  (Shout out to two of our favorite PAs – 1 rockstar, Marcy and 1 in training, Levi!) You know I’m always up for trying a new recipe!  I came across this recipe last week and didn’t have a reason to make it.  This kind of awesomeness definitely should not be sitting around the house for me to snarf.  I haven’t tasted it, but I have a feeling that not even a crumb will return home.  I had a lot of fun putting it together!




We are going to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend!  Look at Ko just 1 year ago…where has the time gone?!


I think K will have even more fun this year!

And, I’m planning an awesome family craft!  Painting pumpkins…we will try not to make TOO big of a mess!


5 thoughts on “5 on Friday

  1. Hi Tara, Thanks so much for sharing and linking our blogs up!. Ok, so I just figured out I know your husband. We grew up together, because our parents were really close!!! Small world! Happy Friday….Hugs, T

    • Yes!!! Chad said I should message you and tell you 🙂 Very small blog world indeed. We talked at length about your dad and car racing the other day 🙂 I also am good friends with Stephanie Kaufman. It was crazy when she popped up in your blog! Glad to make the connections! I am thankful for your blog!

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