October Randomness

Yeah, I’m a creative being and I come up with super creative blog post titles. You’re welcome.

I recently joined Pinterest.  I resisted making an account because I felt as though I just DID NOT need another time waster.  But, I found myself saving links to stuff I found online, and now it will be a neat way to search/organize stuff.  As with a lot of things, this can be a nice tool, but moderation is the key.  Thanks to Whitney for giving me a short tutorial on how everything all works…I felt like such a dork trying to figure the ins and outs.  Now, the key will be to actually use most of the pins and not just dream in an alternate reality!

I busted out the footy pajamas.  K just doesn’t appreciate that he can’t access his belly button at all times.  He does look pretty cute tho!  And, I can’t be held responsible that the ones that fit are christmas themed!


On the days that I work from my home office, hot chocolate with plenty of marshmallows has been an afternoon MUST!  That, and huddled in with a blanket.


Speaking of Pinterest, I made this taco pie.  Super easy and super yummy.  Pinterest Success!!  That’s a thing, right?!


K even liked it! Happy Plate!


You know, last friday when it snowed (I’m sad that I even had to write that sentence)?  Well, we had not turned on the heat (toughing it out and saving money) but it was just too cold, and I just had to do it.  So, I switched it on…waited…and nothing happened.  I had Chad check it over at lunch and he couldn’t get it to work either…OHhhh MAINTENANCE!!!  (It sometimes is nice to be able to do that!)  Glad I called them, well, because I don’t think it was turning on anytime soon.  They inspected and fiddled, went back to get more parts, and worked a little more, and then finally they said, “Ok, if this doesn’t work, then we will have to call in the official guy”  I was just hoping that it was gonna work because the “official” guy wouldn’t be able to come until Monday…and I wouldn’t need heat on Monday…I needed it NOW! Happy to report that whatever they did, worked!  And K and I were way more comfortable than poor Chad who was standing at the football game that night!

K kept me warm during his nap!


Yesterday, we went and watched K’s cousin play soccer.  He is so talented ( I know I’m biased) for an almost 9 year old.  He is smart, fast, strategic, and never gives up!  K even sat there mesmerized for quite a while.  Then we let him run free!

photo IMG_1866

Then we went to Bdubs (Buffalo Wild Wings) before grocery shopping.  It’s best not to grocery shop while hungry.  Aren’t boys funny?!  We watched some excitement during the KU/OU game.  I wish the KU fball team was better…maybe next year?!


P.S.-K has perfected the touchdown arm raise.  Now, the trick is to get him to learn that it also means “TREYBO FOR THREEEEE!!!”  because that season is almost upon us, folks!

We had our first meeting with the Parents as Teachers (PAT) lady.  She was so sweet and K warmed up to her almost immediately.  It probably helped that she brought along the farm set.  K had so much fun.  Now, you’ll never guess where she goes to church.  Yeah, that’s right, the same place we do.  I will never get tired of bragging on God and all the ways that he has been faithful throughout this move.  A moment where I sit in my living room, with a lady that I’ve never met before, who I called just because we had a random piece of mail from the city advertising this service.  No, not a coincidence.  That is God proving that HE is worthy of our trust.  Cool, right?

On that same thread, we had our first meeting with our Small Group last week.  It is going to be a neat time of connecting with others, building relationships, and growing in Christ.  We are going through Acts.  I already learned so many NEW things last week.  Yeah, this is going to be good.

And, I’m prob getting a little long on this post…but one last thing:


My cute little guy all ready for church.  Yes, boys CAN be fun to dress 🙂




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