5 on Friday – better late than never!


Tonight was Chad’s LAST Friday football game of the season…technically there is a game next week on Thursday, but the end is in sight!  Yes, he will have commitments throughout the basketball season and the spring sports season as well, but at least I know that not EVERY Friday night he will be gone.


K man has exploded in the word department.  Yes, most of it is only understandable to Chad or myself…but it is still neat to see his mind develop and grow!  You must check out his “Excavator” video on my facebook page.  He doesn’t like to always perform, but I can get him to do sounds for Puppy dog (high pitched oo, oo, oo, oo); kitty cat (quick meow, meow, maow); dinosaur & lion (rarrrrr).  He will repeat words after I say them:  home (ome) – the kid likes to be home just like his momma! basketball (ba-ba-ball); football (fu-ba); more (mo-mo-mo); daddy (da-da); mommy (ma-ma); semi (ma-miii); bus (baaaaa! in the most excited voice EVERRR)…there are probably more, that’s all I can remember at this hour…



I feel like the excavator story needs more explaining…  We have bunches of truck/implement/large vehicle books.  There are correct names for all these large machines.  So, we call everything by it’s correct name.

On Wednesdays, Ko comes with me to work where I meet my mom and she takes him back to her house (the farm).  My co-worker Kris is there early and when we show up, Ko knows right where to go!  You see, Kris started a fun routine of looking up tractors and semi’s on google images and letting K drool over the pictures at her desk.  We had pretty much exhausted all the tractors and semis and she asked me for another name to type in.  I said “excavator”.  Lots of pictures showed up and K pointed and sounded out “EXxx-a-va-or” in his little language.  And Kris was instantly impressed (mommy too)  On the way home that evening K repeated excavator over and over and over again!


K is going to be a pirate for halloween.  I picked up an outfit this summer at a garage sale.  I told Chad that K needed a sword for his outfit to be complete.  So, Chad made a tiny sword out of cardboard.  He was diligent and creative and made a cute little pirate weapon and he even painted it.  Before I knew what was happening, Chad had made the sword all too realistic with some red blood on the end.  YIKES!  Now, that was too much for this momma to handle.  I made him repaint it.  Sheesh.  BOYS!!  What have I got myself into?



K has started giving out kisses.  Open mouthed, slobbery, kisses.  They are precious.  I never turn him down.  I mean, how can you?  Especially when he comes at you looking so precious.  We just will have to work on appropriateness, he tends to attack Allison (the babysitter) on Mondays.



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