5 Years

Back in 2008, my last semester at KU, a boy started messaging me via Facebook chat.  He started by asking me questions about the Italy trip I had taken the previous summer (and posted pics on Facebook – He had been 2 summers before).  He was someone I knew of, (I mean, we were Facebook friends) but hadn’t ever hung out with or talked to (although we had many mutual friends).  We talked via Facebook message, chat, texting, and on the phone and it was decided that we would meet up over Thanksgiving break, I was coming home and spending the week with my family.

Without even thinking, for our first meet-up, I invited this boy over to my parent’s house to look at my scrapbook of Italy pictures, eat homemade pizza, play Guitar hero, and inevitably, hang out with my family!!  Later on I learned that this was one of the most nerve-racking “first dates” he had ever been on.  But, he survived, my family and myself did not scare him off and we decided to hang out 2 days later  (I was only home for a week after all, and we had to maximize our time together)

Our next “hangout” was movie night at his place .  It was requested that I come in sweats and no makeup (I wore a little…) and we watched a few movies.  From our talks, I knew that he liked snicker doodle cookies, so, my mom helped me whip up a batch to take along to bake (She wanted to put “our” best foot forward, since this was the first boy that had been around with even remote potential 🙂 and everyone was excited!)  The boy also had a few tricks up his sleeve…he knew that I loved Coldstone Cake Batter ice cream with Gummy Bears.  He gathered the supplies from the grocery store and we “attempted” to make our own creations.  It was kinda a big, fat, fail, BUT we had a story to tell and the memories were starting to be made.

We were having so much fun, (or knew we had a special connection) that we arranged for one more final hang out before I would leave again to go back to KU.  This time, Whitney came along with me and we played phase 10 with the boy and his roommates.  There were lots of laughs!  And Whitney was able to give the approval about the boy.  Whit and I may have cheated just a bit to make sure that the girls were victorious.

In case you didn’t catch on, Chad was that boy.  This Thanksgiving Holiday is the 5 year mark of when we first started hanging out.  1 month after that first meet up, we were “official”, 10 months later we were engaged, and 6 months after that we said “I Do”.

It is fun to reminisce over those memories and look at how many more memories we have made over the span of our time together.  Chad was my first real boyfriend, and a man who did and continues to make me feel comfortable just the way I am.  He looked at me, listened to me, and attempted to understand me like no one else ever had/has.  He invited me in and was so very patient with me (and continues to be).

I am so very thankful that Chad took a chance and sent me a Facebook message, and even more thankful that I responded.  The way that God orchestrated our love story (and continues to do) is a small example of God’s faithfulness and promises.

1725_632262329229_312_n 1971_634792678389_9907_n 1974_1018997833936_3833_n


5 on Friday


Christmas music is in full force around here lately.  I listed to it on my phone at work, I jam to it at my home office, and K and I are rockin to it today on my day off.  Everything is just happier this way 🙂  May I recommend: Pandora Stations N*SYNC christmas or Straight No Chaser Holiday



Kohen is quite the creative little boy.  It is fun to just sit back and watch while he plays by himself.  At one point, I caught him like this:



We started watching The Office from Season 1.  Please tell me you watch(ed) the office!  Chad wasn’t so sure and early on in our marriage we fixed that.  Started watching from season 1 when we had netflix while newlyweds.  AND HE WAS HOOKED! Good thing, because we recently borrowed the seasons from some great friends and started watching again.  It makes working in an office even that much more funny!

And, Chad took it to a whole new level.  He was talking about it at work and quoting lines when one of the doctor’s overheard.  It sealed the friendship and Chad knew the perfect prank.


Yes, friends, that is a mini stapler in Jello.  It took us 2 tries to get the Jello to set up right, but it turned out amazing the 2nd time.  If you know Chad, you know that he loves pranks.  I believe when he worked for the construction crew there were a few times a rubber snake made an appearance!  So, I suppose I will just apologize to all of his coworkers in advance! (Actually, I think they really love him – and what’s not to love?!)


I follow this blog called Pinterest Told Me To, and if you don’t read it, you should!  Anyway, she has lost of great advice and neat fashion tips.  Since we are on super budget restriction, I do not order everything she suggests, but I try to use her tips to use what I already have in my closet.  Anyway, sometimes something comes along that it just too good to pass up.  I have always had an obsession with wearing black and white (I blame my years working in the salon where we were required to wear black) and now you throw in the mix with brown – I’M ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT!!!  So, I saw this scarf she suggested and knew it needed to be mine.  I will not apologize if you see me wearing it at every holiday function from now until New Year’s and beyond.  Consider yourself warned.

IMG_8625 copy


Our Thanksgiving celebrations kick off this weekend.  I’m making green bean casserole (which I’ve never actually made before, but it’s not THAT hard, right??) and I’m still deciding on the desert I will take to Chad’s dad’s on Sunday.  Chad is campaigning for just plain pumpkin pie, and I’m thinking more of a pumpkin chiffon pie like my grandma makes…maybe I will do both?!  Or, I do have some sour cherries in the freezer from my mom’s cherry tree…so maybe a cherry pie as well?

I found this on Pinterest and thought it was really neat, but maybe a little bit on the over achiever status right there.

Weekly Recap

Catching up once again…too much stuff going on to sit down and blog at each event…or I just feel like 1 thing isn’t enough for a blog post…SO, here we are again, with a random assortment of what has been going on over here in Hershbergerland.

We went to a 30th birthday costume party.

We dressed up as the “future Dreher family”…


Complete with red hair & a Dusty Crophopper shirt for Kohen to match Sutton, Chad’s beard & Mt. Dew shirt to match Adam, and I even busted out the contacts to match my Gina.  And we were the future family b/c I wrapped up an old cabbage patch doll to be their baby boy arriving next year!  I’d say we did pretty well…


Pic stolen from Gina’s Facebook…

It was a fun evening, with lots of man food (Adam’s request) and great company.

IMG_2064 IMG_2065

Last weekend Chad had training for work, so K and I spent the morning together.  It started out a little something like this:


I texted that picture to Chad and begged to trade places with him. (J/K, but almost).  I decided that I needed a little “red cup therapy” to calm everyone down.


Then, K and I went to Barnes and Nobel (children section) and read books.  It was awesome.  He didn’t want to leave.


Naturally, we had to have one come home with us.  A book full of trucks!  Imagine that…


Last Sunday was a beautiful day!  After Kohen’s nap, we went to a local school’s playground.  There were lots of other families out playing too.  It was so fun for Ko!

IMG_2075 IMG_2076 IMG_2077

There was even a toddler climbing wall, which Kohen mastered in no time.


The highlight of our week was getting to watch Trey’s basketball game for the first time in person!  It was quite a late night…especially for a week-night.  But K was a trooper and we pulled through to watch Trey’s team win!  It was neat to watch Trey play on the court where I played college volleyball.  I looked at the student section fondly remembering all the great memories with friends.

Uncle Ty even made the trip!


Ko joining grandpa in a little man-talk.


Grandpa Dee even made it to the game!


And of course Kohen found the cheerleaders!  The WSU dance team performed at half-time.


Kohen with Uncle Treybo before the game.


After watching all that basketball, Ko came home and has been practicing his skills ever since 🙂  Atta-kid Ko!


To round out an exciting week, yesterday I went antiquing with friends in Marion.  It was such a fun field trip.  We got into a little mischief, but mostly had quite the adventure.

We browsed through 3 different antique stores and had fun searching for treasures.  The gang in front of all the salt & pepper shakers.


At the suggestion of the lady at the antique store, we went to Mom & Dad’s Cafe for lunch.  I was probably the most skeptical person in the group, and didn’t really want to walk inside.  Good thing I have friends that push me out of my comfort zone.  It turned out to be run by the sweetest people and Mary got to connect with a few of the locals, as her family grew up near Marion and her brother still lives close.


The inside, followed by a picture of the outside of the restaurant.  See what I mean?!  But, it was the best hamburger and onion rings I’ve had in a long time!

IMG_2112 IMG_2106

I came home with a few unique mason jars to add to my collection and a christmas gift for my dad.  He shares my love (or maybe I share his) for antique-y things.

We are on the verge of stepping into what feels like a busy, yet fun holiday season.  Basketball is starting tomorrow for Ty, my dad, and this year Chad (as he will attend practices and home games as part of his contract with the orthopedic clinic he works for).  We have 4 thanksgivings lined up to attend, and I’ve started writing out the christmas list of who all we get to give presents to this year.  Unfortunately, I have made the executive decision to not decorate our small space.  Our space is just that –small, and it’s a lot of work to put it up (although it is festive and beautiful) I just feel like Kohen would be all over the tree.  Maybe I will try to find an advent calendar we can hang somewhere – that doesn’t take up too much space.  Anyway, I’m not being a Scrooge, just being practical.  Plus, I’ve already been jamming to N*SYNC christmas!!


15 things

5 things for this Friday was just way too limiting…so we are going with 15.  In no particular order:

1. The time change MESSED UP OUR WORLD, but I think we may be recovering.  I do enjoy the light in the morning, but the darkness at night is not my favorite.  K was all sorts of messed up on sleep, and I was recovering from that late nite with friends.  Average bedtime this week:  8:30…and I’m not even ashamed.

2. All our friends are turning 30!!  What old people…ha!  It pays to be the youngin of the group…ha!  (not by much)  Anyway, we had a party last weekend for Chad’s hometown buddy, Dan.  We got to see some friends that we don’t get to see as often and K was pumped because he 12got to hang out with his buddy Lyle!  They are a little over a month apart and they attempted to get along as well as little ones at this age can!  They wanted to give each other hugs which was so sweet.

IMG_2028 2

3. My big bro stopped by for supper this week.  It is SO COOL that he accepts my requests for impromptu dinner.  A bonus that Ko gets to play with his Uncle.  Plus, living close enough for a last minute invite is even better.  Ty and Ko played semi and Uncle Ty makes all the BEST semi  noises!

4. Little bro, Treybo is going to be playing at my alma mater (HC) this next week!  We are going to stay up a little past our bedtime (game starts at 8PM), but Uncle Treybo is worth it!

5. It is time to bust out our winter hat!  Isn’t this cute?!


6. I get to go on a trip with my company in a little over two months.  It has been decided that K will stay home.  It will be the first time I leave him.  Cue anxious heart.  However, it is major mixed emotions because Chad gets to come along with me and we get to spend quality time together.

7. This post resonated with me so much.  What a sweet reminder in my roll as Kohen’s mommy… “I don’t have to be on the defense- trying to manipulate and control their environment. I can be on the offense- going after their hearts and directing them to a very great Savior who rescues from sadness, sickness, and death.

8. I have joined the skinny jean revolution.  Whitney was my inspiration because she always looks SO GOOD in them.  I decided it was time to at least try a pair on.  It does take a bit to get used to the fit, but I feel like overall I am pleased with my purchase and enjoy how well they tuck into my boots!

9. Dave Ramsey is changing our lives.  There will probably be more on this in the future, but for now I will say that his principles work.  No joke.

10. Remember above when I talked about 30th birthdays.  We celebrated another this week, Red Robin was delicious.  Even better, there is a costume party tonight to keep the celebration rolling.  Chad and I are pretty proud of our idea.  Prepare to be amazed.


11. Football is OVER – well high school anyway.  (We are still gladly cheering for the CHIEFS on Sundays)  So that means two glorious weeks of having a daddy back.  Basketball is the best season of all, and while it will still be busy, it will not require Chad to be gone every Friday evening.

12.  While I do not appreciate the early dark evenings, as stated earlier, it does remind me that basketball is here!  So many teams to keep up with…the Moundridge Wildcats, Douglass Bulldogs, Belle Plaine Dragons, Barton Cougars, and of course the Kansas Jayhawks!  Thank goodness for twitter updates!

13. K and I had a special morning.  My friend, Nancy, came up for a Panera date.  She is seriously awesome.  We are blessed to have her in our life!


14.  Then, my Grandma called while we were out and said she was in town and wanted to meet us for lunch!  As we winded down our phone conversation, she said, “be sure to bring Kohen”  No problem Gma!  The hummus at Bella Luna was not the only treat that K received!  (Great-grandparents tend to spoil this little one)


15.  We’ve already started the planning for where/when all the Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings will occur.  It is exciting and awesome, and a little tricky with lots of places to be and limited time off from work.  I may need a Starbucks red cup to ease the headache 😉



Halloween 2013

So, this is K man from last year Halloween:


And 2013:

photo 2

Uh, time is going fast.  Look at our baby grow!

With the move to the bigger city, I wasn’t sure how trick-or-treating would go.  And, Chad had a football game, so he wasn’t around to participate in the festivities.  Thankfully, Gina  invited me along to go with her, Adam, and Sutton.  I’m glad we did!  However, I think next year, Ko will get into it even more!

IMG_1980We hit up a trunk or treat at a local high school.  I carried Kohen from trunk to trunk because all he wanted to do was RUN!  I felt like a minor goober collecting candy for my 1 1/2 year old.  But, I didn’t get too many strange looks.  Maybe I should have dressed up?!

photo 1

We then hit up Sonic for 50cent hotdogs and went back to Gina’s house before heading out to walk around her neighborhood.  I put K in the stroller and only walked up to a few houses…1) we didn’t need any more candy 2) he was content to sit in the stroller while I pushed him 3) he could have cared less about actually walking up to the doors and getting candy.


Halloween selfie.IMG_1970

Gina did dress up so she could show off that preggo belly!  Ha!  I helped her make a sweet bow for her hair.


Chad did take K up to work early on Thursday so that he could show him off to the ladies.  At this point, K was just warming up, but apparently he flashed plenty of cute grins as to make all the ladies think he was the cutest kid ever!


Catching up

The last week has been FULL.  We had much to celebrate and enjoy and it first started last Saturday when our good friends, Angela (friend from Hesston College) and Jared ( and Eliza), came down from Iowa to kick off their tour to visit friends.  Both of their birthdays were in October, so they wanted to celebrate big!  We were more than happy to give them a place to stay if they didn’t mind being nice and cozy in the apartment!

They drove down and got in just in time for a celebratory dinner at P.F. Changs.  Jared was, after all, turning 30 the next day!  It was a little chaotic now that we have two babies around the table, but delicious food and even more fabulous company!

The last time Kohen met Eliza she was just a fresh little baby, so this time they got to interact with each other.  I was so intrigued to see how Kohen would act around a younger child.  And it was so funny to watch!  He kept wanting to pat her and give her hugs and kisses.  When he would pat her, he would say “bey-be” (baby).  It was seriously precious.  Eliza was such a good sport and put up with all the “in your space-ness” that Kohen provided.  


Sunday morning we just hung out and prepared for the chiefs party we were hosting for noon.  Our good friends Adam and Gina (and Sutton) aren’t football super fans (like Chad is) and wanted to experience a noon game together.  I made chili and cornbread and we enjoyed another Chiefs WIN!  


Because Jared is a Broncos fan (booo!), the boys had to find a place where the game was playing.  They headed to BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings) while Ang and I went to the mall with the kids to walk around for a bit.  They were such little troopers!


One super sweet little chick!  IMG_1958IMG_1099


Late Monday morning I dropped them off at the airport so they could continue on their “Friend Tour” in Phoenix, AZ.

Then, Friday evening, they flew back in to Wichita.  Chad drove their car and I followed him in our car to pick them up.  We immediately hopped on the turnpike and headed up to KC to the Eberspacher home!

Our three kids had never met each other and it had been way too long since I’d seen Lauren (another good friend from Hesston College).  We got into KC kinda late, so the bigger kids were asleep – Eliza was a little messed up on sleep from the PHX time change.  We stayed up till 1am chatting.  I cannot remember the last time I stayed up that late!

Saturday AM, we got Panera bagels, visited Lauren’s mom’s amazing little Boutique, ZuZu’s Petals, and rounded out the say with a stop at Oklahoma Joe’s for lunch!  It was a quick trip, but I’m SO GLAD it all worked out the way it did.  It was a great time reconnecting and sharing stories from our new stage of life as being mommies!


It was so sunny and there were leaves to play with, of course nobody wanted to look at the camera!IMG_1134

Mommies and babiesIMG_1142

We didn’t flip out, it’s a miracle!


Old friends!


The Husbands.IMG_2007

Kiddos in jammies…is there anything cuter?!  Of course Nora has Christmas on 🙂IMG_2011

Angela, Eliza, Lauren, and Nora – old and future HC roomies!  And Eliza is waving!IMG_1999

Kohen and Nora attempting to share.  It’s tough when a tractor is involved!IMG_2003

Nora baby doll.  And part of the Christmas tree!  Hey, Lauren likes to be festive…and we love her for it!