Catching up

The last week has been FULL.  We had much to celebrate and enjoy and it first started last Saturday when our good friends, Angela (friend from Hesston College) and Jared ( and Eliza), came down from Iowa to kick off their tour to visit friends.  Both of their birthdays were in October, so they wanted to celebrate big!  We were more than happy to give them a place to stay if they didn’t mind being nice and cozy in the apartment!

They drove down and got in just in time for a celebratory dinner at P.F. Changs.  Jared was, after all, turning 30 the next day!  It was a little chaotic now that we have two babies around the table, but delicious food and even more fabulous company!

The last time Kohen met Eliza she was just a fresh little baby, so this time they got to interact with each other.  I was so intrigued to see how Kohen would act around a younger child.  And it was so funny to watch!  He kept wanting to pat her and give her hugs and kisses.  When he would pat her, he would say “bey-be” (baby).  It was seriously precious.  Eliza was such a good sport and put up with all the “in your space-ness” that Kohen provided.  


Sunday morning we just hung out and prepared for the chiefs party we were hosting for noon.  Our good friends Adam and Gina (and Sutton) aren’t football super fans (like Chad is) and wanted to experience a noon game together.  I made chili and cornbread and we enjoyed another Chiefs WIN!  


Because Jared is a Broncos fan (booo!), the boys had to find a place where the game was playing.  They headed to BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings) while Ang and I went to the mall with the kids to walk around for a bit.  They were such little troopers!


One super sweet little chick!  IMG_1958IMG_1099


Late Monday morning I dropped them off at the airport so they could continue on their “Friend Tour” in Phoenix, AZ.

Then, Friday evening, they flew back in to Wichita.  Chad drove their car and I followed him in our car to pick them up.  We immediately hopped on the turnpike and headed up to KC to the Eberspacher home!

Our three kids had never met each other and it had been way too long since I’d seen Lauren (another good friend from Hesston College).  We got into KC kinda late, so the bigger kids were asleep – Eliza was a little messed up on sleep from the PHX time change.  We stayed up till 1am chatting.  I cannot remember the last time I stayed up that late!

Saturday AM, we got Panera bagels, visited Lauren’s mom’s amazing little Boutique, ZuZu’s Petals, and rounded out the say with a stop at Oklahoma Joe’s for lunch!  It was a quick trip, but I’m SO GLAD it all worked out the way it did.  It was a great time reconnecting and sharing stories from our new stage of life as being mommies!


It was so sunny and there were leaves to play with, of course nobody wanted to look at the camera!IMG_1134

Mommies and babiesIMG_1142

We didn’t flip out, it’s a miracle!


Old friends!


The Husbands.IMG_2007

Kiddos in jammies…is there anything cuter?!  Of course Nora has Christmas on 🙂IMG_2011

Angela, Eliza, Lauren, and Nora – old and future HC roomies!  And Eliza is waving!IMG_1999

Kohen and Nora attempting to share.  It’s tough when a tractor is involved!IMG_2003

Nora baby doll.  And part of the Christmas tree!  Hey, Lauren likes to be festive…and we love her for it!




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