Halloween 2013

So, this is K man from last year Halloween:


And 2013:

photo 2

Uh, time is going fast.  Look at our baby grow!

With the move to the bigger city, I wasn’t sure how trick-or-treating would go.  And, Chad had a football game, so he wasn’t around to participate in the festivities.  Thankfully, Gina  invited me along to go with her, Adam, and Sutton.  I’m glad we did!  However, I think next year, Ko will get into it even more!

IMG_1980We hit up a trunk or treat at a local high school.  I carried Kohen from trunk to trunk because all he wanted to do was RUN!  I felt like a minor goober collecting candy for my 1 1/2 year old.  But, I didn’t get too many strange looks.  Maybe I should have dressed up?!

photo 1

We then hit up Sonic for 50cent hotdogs and went back to Gina’s house before heading out to walk around her neighborhood.  I put K in the stroller and only walked up to a few houses…1) we didn’t need any more candy 2) he was content to sit in the stroller while I pushed him 3) he could have cared less about actually walking up to the doors and getting candy.


Halloween selfie.IMG_1970

Gina did dress up so she could show off that preggo belly!  Ha!  I helped her make a sweet bow for her hair.


Chad did take K up to work early on Thursday so that he could show him off to the ladies.  At this point, K was just warming up, but apparently he flashed plenty of cute grins as to make all the ladies think he was the cutest kid ever!



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