15 things

5 things for this Friday was just way too limiting…so we are going with 15.  In no particular order:

1. The time change MESSED UP OUR WORLD, but I think we may be recovering.  I do enjoy the light in the morning, but the darkness at night is not my favorite.  K was all sorts of messed up on sleep, and I was recovering from that late nite with friends.  Average bedtime this week:  8:30…and I’m not even ashamed.

2. All our friends are turning 30!!  What old people…ha!  It pays to be the youngin of the group…ha!  (not by much)  Anyway, we had a party last weekend for Chad’s hometown buddy, Dan.  We got to see some friends that we don’t get to see as often and K was pumped because he 12got to hang out with his buddy Lyle!  They are a little over a month apart and they attempted to get along as well as little ones at this age can!  They wanted to give each other hugs which was so sweet.

IMG_2028 2

3. My big bro stopped by for supper this week.  It is SO COOL that he accepts my requests for impromptu dinner.  A bonus that Ko gets to play with his Uncle.  Plus, living close enough for a last minute invite is even better.  Ty and Ko played semi and Uncle Ty makes all the BEST semi  noises!

4. Little bro, Treybo is going to be playing at my alma mater (HC) this next week!  We are going to stay up a little past our bedtime (game starts at 8PM), but Uncle Treybo is worth it!

5. It is time to bust out our winter hat!  Isn’t this cute?!


6. I get to go on a trip with my company in a little over two months.  It has been decided that K will stay home.  It will be the first time I leave him.  Cue anxious heart.  However, it is major mixed emotions because Chad gets to come along with me and we get to spend quality time together.

7. This post resonated with me so much.  What a sweet reminder in my roll as Kohen’s mommy… “I don’t have to be on the defense- trying to manipulate and control their environment. I can be on the offense- going after their hearts and directing them to a very great Savior who rescues from sadness, sickness, and death.

8. I have joined the skinny jean revolution.  Whitney was my inspiration because she always looks SO GOOD in them.  I decided it was time to at least try a pair on.  It does take a bit to get used to the fit, but I feel like overall I am pleased with my purchase and enjoy how well they tuck into my boots!

9. Dave Ramsey is changing our lives.  There will probably be more on this in the future, but for now I will say that his principles work.  No joke.

10. Remember above when I talked about 30th birthdays.  We celebrated another this week, Red Robin was delicious.  Even better, there is a costume party tonight to keep the celebration rolling.  Chad and I are pretty proud of our idea.  Prepare to be amazed.


11. Football is OVER – well high school anyway.  (We are still gladly cheering for the CHIEFS on Sundays)  So that means two glorious weeks of having a daddy back.  Basketball is the best season of all, and while it will still be busy, it will not require Chad to be gone every Friday evening.

12.  While I do not appreciate the early dark evenings, as stated earlier, it does remind me that basketball is here!  So many teams to keep up with…the Moundridge Wildcats, Douglass Bulldogs, Belle Plaine Dragons, Barton Cougars, and of course the Kansas Jayhawks!  Thank goodness for twitter updates!

13. K and I had a special morning.  My friend, Nancy, came up for a Panera date.  She is seriously awesome.  We are blessed to have her in our life!


14.  Then, my Grandma called while we were out and said she was in town and wanted to meet us for lunch!  As we winded down our phone conversation, she said, “be sure to bring Kohen”  No problem Gma!  The hummus at Bella Luna was not the only treat that K received!  (Great-grandparents tend to spoil this little one)


15.  We’ve already started the planning for where/when all the Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings will occur.  It is exciting and awesome, and a little tricky with lots of places to be and limited time off from work.  I may need a Starbucks red cup to ease the headache 😉




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