Weekly Recap

Catching up once again…too much stuff going on to sit down and blog at each event…or I just feel like 1 thing isn’t enough for a blog post…SO, here we are again, with a random assortment of what has been going on over here in Hershbergerland.

We went to a 30th birthday costume party.

We dressed up as the “future Dreher family”…


Complete with red hair & a Dusty Crophopper shirt for Kohen to match Sutton, Chad’s beard & Mt. Dew shirt to match Adam, and I even busted out the contacts to match my Gina.  And we were the future family b/c I wrapped up an old cabbage patch doll to be their baby boy arriving next year!  I’d say we did pretty well…


Pic stolen from Gina’s Facebook…

It was a fun evening, with lots of man food (Adam’s request) and great company.

IMG_2064 IMG_2065

Last weekend Chad had training for work, so K and I spent the morning together.  It started out a little something like this:


I texted that picture to Chad and begged to trade places with him. (J/K, but almost).  I decided that I needed a little “red cup therapy” to calm everyone down.


Then, K and I went to Barnes and Nobel (children section) and read books.  It was awesome.  He didn’t want to leave.


Naturally, we had to have one come home with us.  A book full of trucks!  Imagine that…


Last Sunday was a beautiful day!  After Kohen’s nap, we went to a local school’s playground.  There were lots of other families out playing too.  It was so fun for Ko!

IMG_2075 IMG_2076 IMG_2077

There was even a toddler climbing wall, which Kohen mastered in no time.


The highlight of our week was getting to watch Trey’s basketball game for the first time in person!  It was quite a late night…especially for a week-night.  But K was a trooper and we pulled through to watch Trey’s team win!  It was neat to watch Trey play on the court where I played college volleyball.  I looked at the student section fondly remembering all the great memories with friends.

Uncle Ty even made the trip!


Ko joining grandpa in a little man-talk.


Grandpa Dee even made it to the game!


And of course Kohen found the cheerleaders!  The WSU dance team performed at half-time.


Kohen with Uncle Treybo before the game.


After watching all that basketball, Ko came home and has been practicing his skills ever since 🙂  Atta-kid Ko!


To round out an exciting week, yesterday I went antiquing with friends in Marion.  It was such a fun field trip.  We got into a little mischief, but mostly had quite the adventure.

We browsed through 3 different antique stores and had fun searching for treasures.  The gang in front of all the salt & pepper shakers.


At the suggestion of the lady at the antique store, we went to Mom & Dad’s Cafe for lunch.  I was probably the most skeptical person in the group, and didn’t really want to walk inside.  Good thing I have friends that push me out of my comfort zone.  It turned out to be run by the sweetest people and Mary got to connect with a few of the locals, as her family grew up near Marion and her brother still lives close.


The inside, followed by a picture of the outside of the restaurant.  See what I mean?!  But, it was the best hamburger and onion rings I’ve had in a long time!

IMG_2112 IMG_2106

I came home with a few unique mason jars to add to my collection and a christmas gift for my dad.  He shares my love (or maybe I share his) for antique-y things.

We are on the verge of stepping into what feels like a busy, yet fun holiday season.  Basketball is starting tomorrow for Ty, my dad, and this year Chad (as he will attend practices and home games as part of his contract with the orthopedic clinic he works for).  We have 4 thanksgivings lined up to attend, and I’ve started writing out the christmas list of who all we get to give presents to this year.  Unfortunately, I have made the executive decision to not decorate our small space.  Our space is just that –small, and it’s a lot of work to put it up (although it is festive and beautiful) I just feel like Kohen would be all over the tree.  Maybe I will try to find an advent calendar we can hang somewhere – that doesn’t take up too much space.  Anyway, I’m not being a Scrooge, just being practical.  Plus, I’ve already been jamming to N*SYNC christmas!!



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