5 on Friday


Christmas music is in full force around here lately.  I listed to it on my phone at work, I jam to it at my home office, and K and I are rockin to it today on my day off.  Everything is just happier this way 🙂  May I recommend: Pandora Stations N*SYNC christmas or Straight No Chaser Holiday



Kohen is quite the creative little boy.  It is fun to just sit back and watch while he plays by himself.  At one point, I caught him like this:



We started watching The Office from Season 1.  Please tell me you watch(ed) the office!  Chad wasn’t so sure and early on in our marriage we fixed that.  Started watching from season 1 when we had netflix while newlyweds.  AND HE WAS HOOKED! Good thing, because we recently borrowed the seasons from some great friends and started watching again.  It makes working in an office even that much more funny!

And, Chad took it to a whole new level.  He was talking about it at work and quoting lines when one of the doctor’s overheard.  It sealed the friendship and Chad knew the perfect prank.


Yes, friends, that is a mini stapler in Jello.  It took us 2 tries to get the Jello to set up right, but it turned out amazing the 2nd time.  If you know Chad, you know that he loves pranks.  I believe when he worked for the construction crew there were a few times a rubber snake made an appearance!  So, I suppose I will just apologize to all of his coworkers in advance! (Actually, I think they really love him – and what’s not to love?!)


I follow this blog called Pinterest Told Me To, and if you don’t read it, you should!  Anyway, she has lost of great advice and neat fashion tips.  Since we are on super budget restriction, I do not order everything she suggests, but I try to use her tips to use what I already have in my closet.  Anyway, sometimes something comes along that it just too good to pass up.  I have always had an obsession with wearing black and white (I blame my years working in the salon where we were required to wear black) and now you throw in the mix with brown – I’M ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT!!!  So, I saw this scarf she suggested and knew it needed to be mine.  I will not apologize if you see me wearing it at every holiday function from now until New Year’s and beyond.  Consider yourself warned.

IMG_8625 copy


Our Thanksgiving celebrations kick off this weekend.  I’m making green bean casserole (which I’ve never actually made before, but it’s not THAT hard, right??) and I’m still deciding on the desert I will take to Chad’s dad’s on Sunday.  Chad is campaigning for just plain pumpkin pie, and I’m thinking more of a pumpkin chiffon pie like my grandma makes…maybe I will do both?!  Or, I do have some sour cherries in the freezer from my mom’s cherry tree…so maybe a cherry pie as well?

I found this on Pinterest and thought it was really neat, but maybe a little bit on the over achiever status right there.


5 thoughts on “5 on Friday

  1. LOVE!!! my hubs and i watched the office when we first started dating…we still love watching the reruns now. saw that pic and immediately knew what the reference was. oh jim and dwight. 🙂 love that leopard scarf too!!! happy friday! xx

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