5 Years

Back in 2008, my last semester at KU, a boy started messaging me via Facebook chat.  He started by asking me questions about the Italy trip I had taken the previous summer (and posted pics on Facebook – He had been 2 summers before).  He was someone I knew of, (I mean, we were Facebook friends) but hadn’t ever hung out with or talked to (although we had many mutual friends).  We talked via Facebook message, chat, texting, and on the phone and it was decided that we would meet up over Thanksgiving break, I was coming home and spending the week with my family.

Without even thinking, for our first meet-up, I invited this boy over to my parent’s house to look at my scrapbook of Italy pictures, eat homemade pizza, play Guitar hero, and inevitably, hang out with my family!!  Later on I learned that this was one of the most nerve-racking “first dates” he had ever been on.  But, he survived, my family and myself did not scare him off and we decided to hang out 2 days later  (I was only home for a week after all, and we had to maximize our time together)

Our next “hangout” was movie night at his place .  It was requested that I come in sweats and no makeup (I wore a little…) and we watched a few movies.  From our talks, I knew that he liked snicker doodle cookies, so, my mom helped me whip up a batch to take along to bake (She wanted to put “our” best foot forward, since this was the first boy that had been around with even remote potential 🙂 and everyone was excited!)  The boy also had a few tricks up his sleeve…he knew that I loved Coldstone Cake Batter ice cream with Gummy Bears.  He gathered the supplies from the grocery store and we “attempted” to make our own creations.  It was kinda a big, fat, fail, BUT we had a story to tell and the memories were starting to be made.

We were having so much fun, (or knew we had a special connection) that we arranged for one more final hang out before I would leave again to go back to KU.  This time, Whitney came along with me and we played phase 10 with the boy and his roommates.  There were lots of laughs!  And Whitney was able to give the approval about the boy.  Whit and I may have cheated just a bit to make sure that the girls were victorious.

In case you didn’t catch on, Chad was that boy.  This Thanksgiving Holiday is the 5 year mark of when we first started hanging out.  1 month after that first meet up, we were “official”, 10 months later we were engaged, and 6 months after that we said “I Do”.

It is fun to reminisce over those memories and look at how many more memories we have made over the span of our time together.  Chad was my first real boyfriend, and a man who did and continues to make me feel comfortable just the way I am.  He looked at me, listened to me, and attempted to understand me like no one else ever had/has.  He invited me in and was so very patient with me (and continues to be).

I am so very thankful that Chad took a chance and sent me a Facebook message, and even more thankful that I responded.  The way that God orchestrated our love story (and continues to do) is a small example of God’s faithfulness and promises.

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