It happened…

Our call number flashed across the screen this morning at church (our church is large enough that we check in the kids for security reasons and we receive a number in case they need to notify us).

I always wondered how I would feel or what my first reaction would be.  Well, today, it meant standing up hurriedly while everyone else was sitting down.  I’m sure I looked like a dingbat, but I didn’t have any time to worry about that.

Something to be thankful for, however, we are at our new church location (yay!).  This was our 2nd Sunday.  See, at the old church location, I would have had to walk all the way across a parking lot to get to the children’s education building (the church outgrew the old sanctuary, which turned into the children’s education wing and the services happened in a building – picture large shed-like place – about 2 parking lots away.  So, I was thankful not to be making a panicked run all the way from here to there.

And, to back it up just a bit, our day started bright and early at 5am.  K thought it was time to get up and play.  Thankfully, Chad took one for the team and went out in the living space to play with him while I slept a little longer.  Chad is much better at taking naps than me (I almost never nap) so he could catch up in the afternoon.  Normally, K is very excited to get to the nursery.  Lots of friends, lots of toys, and super friendly volunteers.  But, today he was a little hesitant and started crying almost immediately.  I hung back and let Chad drop him off and try to distract for a bit before attempting to sneak out.  Nothing was working, so we decided to just rip it off like a band-aid and leave him there while we went into the service.

We knew that things might not end well, but K typically does well in there, like I said, and we thought maybe he would shake it off and enjoy playing.

I watched the screen intently, and we seemed to be in the clear until just after communion.  Everyone was sitting down, I saw the number flash on the screen.  I nudged Chad, whispered our number, “that’s us”, I stood up, asked if he wanted to go, realized I was standing while everyone else was sitting, crouched into a half sit, he encouraged that I should be the one to go, and I hurried out of our row.  I walked to the back where I was met by one of the security team members (very nice gentlemen)  he confirmed my number, I smiled and said, yes that’s me.  Made my way to the nursery, where another man said ” K’s mom?”  I smiled and nodded.  Finally, made my way around the corner where I could hear K crying.  I went into the room, picked him up and he snuggled into my neck.

I decided to just take him back into service with me because I wasn’t sure how much more of the nursery he could take.  We made it back in while they were finishing up a song before the preacher would start his sermon.  K calmed down.  I offered a drink and a snack and he refused both.  He was sniffling a little.  You know the kind?  After you’ve been crying for a while?  He sat on my lap very content, reclining.  And, before I knew it, he fell asleep.  Ohhhh, yeah… he had been up since 5.  He was obviously a little out of his routine.  Very tired and needed to be with momma.  He slept the rest of the service – but not without a sniff sniff every 1-2 minutes.  So sad.

I knew the day would come when our number would flash on the screen, and I’m hoping it won’t be an every Sunday occurrence, but it wasn’t so bad this time around.  There are excellent staff at the church and they take extraordinary care of K while he is in the nursery and they knew when it was time to call in the backup of the parents.  I had the opportunity to talk with the nursery coordinator after the service and she introduced herself (we hadn’t met officially) and commented on how well K does usually and they knew this was an odd circumstance.  We will try again next week and I’m certain K will have a wonderful time – that is unless we are up at 5 again!


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