What we’ve been up to lately

We attended Chad’s Work Christmas Party.  It was very nice, great food, and lots of neat people.  Chad was in his element (social butterfly) and I made him promise me in the car that he would not leave me alone (an introvert’s nightmare!).  But, it all turned out great, Chad got to mingle and we sat at a table with Ginny and Neil (Chad’s co-worker, & fellow Dridge alum) so I had people to talk to when Chad left to work the crowd.

Ko spent his first night away from us.  He spent quality time with gma and gpa, and we experienced a taste of what it was like before him.  It was so strange to not need to be taking care of him at all times.  I am thankful for family that lives close enough to do these sorts of things, but it was also odd to not be around him.  I know, I know it is good for us to both be away from each other, it just feels most right when he is with me.


We also had an opportunity to have a small Christmas gathering with my coffee shop friends.  We are really a strange group, but it works.  They always seem to keep a smile on my face.  We had a nice little get-together with lots of great appetizers, desserts, and drinks.  We even had a small gift exchange.


And, of course we also posed for an awkward family photo…


Ko has found a new perch at the house.  Or maybe I should say his latest “dare-devil” spot.


And yogurt (greek) has made the top of the list for favorite food (after Ketchup, of course)

IMG_2237 IMG_2239

Ko’s other latest obsession is TRACTORS!  Which he pronounces (drah-durr)  loud, proud, and over and over and over again.  There is a construction area near our place where they have big equipment.  So, I decided for some cheap entertainment, we would park in the Olive Garden parking lot, across from all the action and watch them work.  There were 5 of those big duallie tractors, and two cranes.  Best 30 mins of Ko’s life lately.  And, I had the christmas music on, so it was very festive as well!

IMG_2241 IMG_2249 IMG_2250 IMG_2248

We haven’t done a ton of holiday baking around these parts, but Chad did request chocolate covered pretzels, because he has fond memories with his side of the family having them around during the holidays.  So, during Kohen’s nap time, he and I created a little pretzel dipping factory and tried not to lick our fingers too much!


Today was a fabulous December day.  With all the super cold days we have had lately, we had an atypical warm one in the mix!  We even went out for a walk over to the construction site so K could see the tractors/crane again.  Literally, hasn’t stopped talking about it since.  He thinks every time we go outside now, we get to see the tractors.  Hopefully they will keep working for a long time…OR we will need to make frequent trips out to the farm to see some good machinery (and the right color!)

All of the Christmas presents are mostly bought, or should be arriving soon.  I have not wrapped a darn one.  Whoops.  I hope to knock that out soon-ish.  I plan on not making any last-minute trips out to the mall or anywhere else…too crazy for me!  The Hello Kitty Christmas Countdown is setting on the counter, but I keep forgetting to change the number.  10 days…maybe more like 9 now 🙂

This morning at church, we had the 3rd part of our Pastor’s series on “An Unexpected Gift”.  Today, he focused on the gift we can receive from God (Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior) and how we are adopted into Christ’s family.  So thankful for the truth of this message, the true Gift of the Savior, the reason we even celebrate Christmas.



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