5 on Friday

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a 5 on Friday…but K is successfully napping and while I had a few minutes, I decided to write a few things down.

My friend has been making these cookies for quite some time, and I’ve always enjoyed them, but never made them myself.  It is a trusted Pioneer Woman recipe, that of course has too much butter and sugar, BUT they also have a few healthy ingredients like granola, dried apricots, and cran-rasins.  The cookies are named after PW’s friend Hyacinth, and it’s only fitting that I would think of my good friend (Marcy) as I made the cookies.  The recipe makes a ton of cookies, but I stick the extras in the freezer and pull them out as needed.  I even blessed my co-workers with a few.  They hated/loved me 🙂IMG_2609

Snow/cold/ice/winter.  I AM SO OVER YOU.  This is the time of year when Chad and I talk (semi) seriously about moving to a warmer location.  I just function better when the sun is shining and the wind isn’t blowing ridiculously cold air in my face.

IMG_1365K doesn’t seem to mind the cold

K is turning into a little boy.  More and more words every day.  It has become officially official that I need to watch what I say.  My mom texted me this week and said “K’s first 5 word phrase…Oh my gosh monster truck”  And I get it, it is sorta cute…but there is just something also disturbing about a not-even-two-year-old saying “oh my gosh”.  I remember not that long ago being with our dear friends and their little boy corrected me when I said “oh my gosh” and that we should say “holy cow”.  He was right…I obviously need him with me as my accountability partner.  And yes, there are FAR worse things that could (and will) come out of his mouth…but for now, this momma is watching her words.

Chad has taught K some new phrases “Daddy is Awesome” and “Mommy is Pretty”.  Now there are some good phrases to repeat!!  Cause, it’s true 😉

IMG_1357 IMG_1367 IMG_2598

Basketball season is coming to a close, but not without the most awesome time of the year!  MARCH MADNESS!!  So many exciting games around….Trey’s (little bro) team entering the final tournament of the season, H.S. Substate for both my dad and Ty (older bro), and the NCAA tourney Go Hawks (and Shockers…sure, I’ll hop on that bandwagon)

IMG_2608Watching bball with “gampa” on his birthday!


My Valentine(s)

I know, I know…it’s a made up holiday.  But, it can be kinda fun, right?  I mean, telling all the people out there that you love them…and even better That we LOVE because God first LOVED us.  1 John 4:19

We talk a lot about love languages in this house.  (It’s a great book, if you haven’t read it – and it may help you to understand some people – especially the close ones in your life)  Anyway, one of my stronger languages is Gifts.  And Chad’s  stronger one is physical touch – he’d be happy if I was constantly scratching his back, or giving hugs, or sitting super close to him on the couch!  Naturally, you tend to speak the language you want to receive.

So, my husband, spoke my language clearly this year.  We were hanging out in the house on Tuesday evening and all the sudden there was a knock at the door. It was the UPS man delivering a small box.  Chad played dumb and raced in the bedroom and told me not to worry about it.  Then, he opened the door, and called out, “Do you want your surprise now or later?”  I said it didn’t matter (even though I was dying to know what was in the box) and told him it was up to him.  He decided that he didn’t want to wait either and let me open the box.  Inside were two little Hello Kitty charms for my charm bracelet!  Ever since Chad got me that bracelet (our first married Christmas) I have been asking for a Hello Kitty charm.  He has sorta been resisting.  He doesn’t like to play into my Hello Kitty sickness (even though it has slowed down quite a bit).  I was pretty shocked that 1) he got me 2 charms 2) they were both Hello Kitty!!  It is perfect.  And it is happy to me to have the hello kitty next to my two angel babies in heaven.


Not intentionally on my part, I gave Chad a gift yesterday afternoon.  Thursday afternoon he has off from work and I work from home on that day.  Ko woke up a little early from his nap and was still a little groggy.  He cuddled back in and fell asleep on Chad.  Giving Chad major cuddle time and something that he doesn’t get to do very often now that K is older.  It was precious.


And, maybe the best story comes from yesterday.  I knew I wanted to surprise Chad just a little.  So, I had a master plan to make rice krispie treats (one of his favs) and then swing by work on Friday to drop off the treats and surprise him!  Since he was home, we had to make a trip to Dillons all together.  I wouldn’t let him look at the list and just went about the store picking up certain items.  We split up in the store so that he could take the cart and Ko down to get a tub of butter and I dipped into the cereal aisle to get Krisp Rice (you know, the cheaper version of Rice Krispies!)  I found the boys in the refrigerated section and put the cereal in the cart.  At that point, I realized I also needed some stick butter so I walked over there.  As I was coming back to the cart, Chad exclaims, “I know what mommy is making!!”  and was so excited.  I say something about how he wanted a surprise and I was trying hard (sorta).  He gave me a kiss on the cheek and we made eye contact with a lady who is laughing at us.  She just pushes her cart by and says “I’m sorry, that is just SO awesome.”  We must have been making a scene (which with Chad, isn’t hard to do).  We followed her a bit, and I said, “It’s sometimes just the little things, huh?”  And she stops and turns to me and says, “If every man treated a woman like the way he treats you, things in the world would be so much better.  You are a lucky lady.”

It was a neat moment.  I guess we are really feeling the love this Valentine’s Day.

If by chance, you need some encouragement today, Jen Hatmaker wrote this excellent blog yesterday, “To Those for Whom V-day Stinks”.

And because every blog post needs more Kohen love…here are a few recent pics

IMG_2521 IMG_2528 IMG_2540 IMG_2550