Pioneer Woman Brings Us Together

Baking is one of my outlets.  Ask my husband, or my co-workers, or my friends.  I enjoy getting to bake.  Mainly sweets…that could be why my co-workers have a love/hate relationship with me!

Today was one of those really sweet days.  One where you just have to thank God for the little details.  I know, I go back to how hard it was to move, BUT the big and little ways that God has shown up.

I’ve briefly mentioned my friend, Ginny, before.  Her husband’s parents are my parents’ “in the country” neighbors.  Did ya get that?  So, we were friendly by default.  But, Ginny has one of those friendly, warm personalities that just welcomes you in and encourages you to stay awhile.  I couldn’t help but be drawn to her.  She’s kinda like a big sister, letting me bounce ideas off of her and ask her all sorts of questions.

Well, when we were over at their house for dinner one evening, we got to talking about baking and cinnamon rolls and of course Pioneer Woman.  She almost broke my heart when she said she spent one year around Christmastime baking PW’s amazing cinnamon roll dough only for it to FAIL big time.  She was planning to bake them and give them to her neighbors, but after they didn’t turn out, she had to throw them all away.  I just simply couldn’t take it.  We had to remedy this situation and get her back on track for a beautiful relationship with PW.

So, after we left that night, I texted her.  “When can we have a cinnamon roll baking day?” We put it on the calendar where we would walk through the recipe step by step together and I could show her why it is my go-to recipe for rolls!

This morning, we were PW fools in the kitchen.  It was SO MUCH FUN!  I could almost cry while I sit here typing (and I’m not one to cry easily).  I had a friend in this (not so) new city that I could go over to her house, have our boys play, and we baked!!  Seriously, God is awesome.  And I thank him for this morning that was so good for my heart!

We made a quadruple batch, people!  That is 4 times of PW’s ooey, gooey, amazing, goodness.  And, 6 batch’s of Steph’s amazing caramel icing!  I made a double batch of the dough yesterday evening and put it in the fridge.  While we prepped another double batch at Ginny’s house, we rolled out mine into rolls.  I walked Ginny through the milk scalding and yeast process (where she had the most trouble before)  I attempted to show her that it wasn’t scary!  (I think she believes me now)  And her dough even rose!  Success!! (This is actually a picture I sent Ginny the night before, telling her that we would at least have 1 round of dough to work with!)


The house smelled amazing, we chatted as we mixed and rolled, and only set off the fire alarm once!  It was a great day!

And what do we have to show for it, besides the fullest heart in the county??  Six dozen rolls, each!  This is just my half! 🙂


I sent 1 pan to work with Chad for the afternoon, plan to gift a friend a pan this evening, and I have a few pans in the freezer for a rainy day.  Unless you wanna come visit me, in which case I will warm you up a roll and we can sit and talk about how much I love you and my good friend PW.  See?  She always brings us together!