A Little Taste

I’ve heard from a few friends that they are curious as to what we are up to in the new house.

Well, the short answer is LOTS of painting.

Somewhere along the way, I turned into a “white-trim” loving gal.  It must be my new-found love of country, old, antique-y like things.  And, Chad being the super husband that he is…goes right along with my crazy requests.  Which may or may have not entailed the suggestion of painting all the trim in the house white.  You never know how much dark trim accents there are until you start painting it white and you feel like it will never end.

Alas, we have made quite a bit of progress in the short week and a half we’ve had the place.  And, I will forever brag on my husband for his incredible work ethic, attention to detail, and happy attitude as he begins our forever “work-in-progress” house projects.

After all, it is SO pretty when it is completed.

This room is the downstairs living space.  What you can’t see is just to the right of the small window is the sliding glass door that leads to the covered patio.






Again…just a little taste.  Not fully completed…but we are getting there. (I.e. the ladder, paint cans, and paint tray/brush included in picture!)  And the fireplace cover will go back on after we spray paint the brass colored section black. And the baseboard needs to go back up.  Of course, you didn’t need me pointing out every little detail…but I suppose that’s how critical one gets while living in the space!

Walls are a light grey, fireplace is a dark grey, and trim is white (obviously)

More pics to come.  Stay tuned.


P.S.  A few “in-progress” shots




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