I had a really great birthday…considering the actual day fell on a Monday…hubs did a good job to make sure I was loved (and lots of super great friends and family too)  It’s crazy how 28 can feel so old and so young at the same time.

I saw another blogger write 28 things about herself for her bday, so I’m going to attempt to do the same…

one. I’ve always referred to my birthday as being on June Two…not the 2nd.  And therefore some good college friends still remember my birthday…I guess it worked 🙂

two. It’s funny that my birthday is so close to K’s.  It always brings up strong emotions of wishing that he would make an entrance into the world…and waiting, and waiting, and waiting.  But, he came on his own timing, and I can’t believe he is almost 2!

three.  I treated myself to a mani/pedi the Saturday before my bday.  Shellac is by far one of the best inventions.  My nails are still flawless almost a week later.


four.  We had a small party with friends in the new backyard to celebrate me and Gina’s birthdays (only 4 days apart) G is older…sorry G, had to throw it in there!


five.  Apparently, even when you turn 28, you still get birthday gifts…new curtains for the house, HGTV magazine subscription, and gift cards galore.  I’m a lucky gal…people know my love language

six.  Chad got up early on Monday to pick up donuts for the fam. Also the key to my heart!

seven.  The only sad part about my bday was wondering what it would be like if I were still carrying the twins.  how big, how pregnant, how hot i would be….a constant reminder of letting go, and trusting God, and rejoicing that the babies are in heaven.  But, I miss them.

eight.  Living so close to a Starbucks is dangerous.  It’s a love/hate relationship…I LOVE the coffee, but the budget hates it.  I try to limit myself to once a week, but birthday week qualified for a few extra visits!

nine.  we had the option to get sit/stand desks at work.  It is amazing to have the option to sit or stand…I’ve read too many articles about how sitting for so long can cut years off your life, not to mention add pounds as well.  Its been a challenge to stand, but I usually try to do it for 2-3 hours out of the day.


ten.  When I agreed to let Chad register for tools for our wedding, I had no idea what a great decision that would be.  Dude is straight up resident handy-man.  And, all of his experience doing plumbing, landscaping, construction proves to help out our family immensely.  The new house has been a little bit stressful and his list of “honey-dos” continues to grow, but he has all the knowledge to make it happen.  AND, bonus, he gets to help out lots of friends…serious servant heart right there Chad Aaron!

eleven.  28 things was a lot…what was I thinking?! 😉

twelve.  When I think back to college and what I thought I wanted to do, certainly never would have thought I would be working for a Recruiting firm…most people still don’t understand what I do…but trust me, it’s kinda cool.  So thankful for my boss, company, co-workers, the opportunity for my hybrid work schedule and to contribute to the family.  Being a mom is the best job, but working where I do is pretty cool too.

thirteen. I lost a charm on my bracelet the other day grocery shopping (it got stuck in the cart and snapped off – luckily I located it), so we stopped by the jewelry store to have them fix it.  She looked at my ring, and said, let me clean that thing, what have you been doing in your ring…to which I said, “LIFE!”  I don’t take the thing off…duh!  Thankfully, whatever high-powered solution they have cleaned it right up!

fourteen. All throughout elementary, middle, and high school I never ran across anyone close to me with my same name.  In college, and in both towns we lived in, I’ve had close friends in my circle named Tara.  It’s cool, it just adds confusion.  Luckily, it gives people the opportunity to call me Tara Shae, which is what my Gma has called me all my life and it makes me feel extra special when people call me that.  It’s like we are family!

fifteen.  I’ve been a lover of Mac n Cheese for as long as I can remember.  Chad still laughs when I pick up boxes of it at the store.  My recent favorite is Annie’s Mac and Cheese.  But, for my bday party, I made a corn/cheese noodle casserole that Chad’s Aunt made famous.  It is serious deliciousness.  Not healthy in any way, but seriously yummy.

sixteen.  Even though I have cosmetology training and experience, I feel like I’m the worst client when it comes to indecision about what to do with my hair.  I have this urge to chop it off.  I’ve grown it pretty long lately, but I feel like with the texture/density of my hair, this is about as long as it’s gonna get.  The shortest I will go is shoulder length tho…we will see what happens!

seventeen.  my younger brother convinced me to download the SnapChat app.  I’ve never felt so old in my life.  Didn’t know how to navigate the dang thing and had to call him for a tutorial.  Sheesh!

eighteen.  Is there anything better than a friend offering to bring over Chick-Fil-A to celebrate your birthday?!  I think not!

nineteen.  My latest decor obsession is a plank wall/ceiling…and people always look at my dumbfounded.  Thankfully hubs has caught the vision and understands.  Pinterest tells me its a real thing too…so it’s all good.

twenty.  It feels like adult struggles are so much harder than stuff I went through as a kid.  I know of so many people struggling, compounded with my own “life stuff”…it breaks my heart and makes me long for my eternal home even more.  Maybe it’s because I’m too sensitive, but I want to fix it all.  The good news is that I can’t and won’t, because Christ has already done that and what an amazing thing to rest in His grace knowing that Christ dying on the cross changes everything.

twentyone.  ANTIQUES!!  It must be my dad’s genes running through me, but I’ve fallen in love with “old, junky stuff”  There is an “Antique Market Days” coming to our town later this month…I’m on a personal mission to find some old shutters to decorate with!

twentytwo.  I turned 22 while I studied abroad in Italy…six years ago?!  No way.  This time of year always brings back super awesome memories.  I LOVED my time in Italy.  I often laugh about all of my adventures over there.  I was so brave.  I need to be like that more often.


twentythree.  One of my favorite things that K says right now is, “mommy hold you” meaning, that I should pick him up.  It is such a scary and awesome thing when he repeats what we say.  I love being his mommy.

twentyfour.  I do not miss our apartment one little bit.  However, I am thankful for our time there as it allowed us to save for our downpayment.  Need to remember the positives and not dwell on the negative.

twentyfive.  Our pastor is going through a series on the Fruits of the Spirit.  It takes me back to my summer at the Amigo Center in Michigan as a camp counselor.  We had a camp song about the Fruits of the Spirit…Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control….I can still remember them all because of the song!

twentysix.  I love flowers but stink at maintaining them.  Everything seems to die.  Good thing my dad got me a succulent type plant that he said, “is basically very tough to kill”  Let’s hope he’s right!!  I’ve already tried to kill the beautiful hanging flowers that Chad’s mom gave us!!

twentyseven. Almost there….

twentyeight. Whew, I did it.  That’s a lot of stuff to think of.  Thankful for 28 years full of life and experiences.  Here’s to another year…