A Rainbow…a symbol of hope



As you may or may not have noticed, life over here in my corner of blog land has been pretty quiet.  I suppose it was a combination of lots of things.  Moving to the new house, working on & fixing up the new house, enjoying summer together, spending lots of time outside, chasing around our very active two-year-old, and filling up our summer days.  My heart just wasn’t really into writing, plus I was in the midst of dealing with many emotions along the process after miscarriage and desperately wanting to be pregnant again.  

During my time of grief, I came across the term “Rainbow Baby”.  This refers to the baby that follows a loss.  In the Bible, in Genesis, after God floods the earth, he gives a sign of a Rainbow as a promise to never flood the earth again.  It was a symbol of hope that whenever they would look at the sky they could trust in God’s promises.  I began praying that moment that God would bless us with a sweet little Hershberger Rainbow baby – not to fill the void of the twins – but to bring hope and joy to a heavy, grieving heart (and family).

It is with great joy, thankfulness, and excitement that the Hershberger’s announce our Rainbow baby to arrive late Feb/early March.  Kohen will be a big brother!!

As I make this announcement, I am also torn because I know over the last 8 months how much pregnancy announcements have hurt me.  Not because I was not genuinely excited for the couples’ announcing, but it was a fresh reminder of what I didn’t have.  I had so many great friends who announced their pregnancies to me following our miscarriage.  And, I am so very thankful for their tenderness, and love in the way they were so gentle with me.  I know that it was not an easy conversation to have, but it was also special that they took the time to tell me privately with genuine care for my feelings.  I wish that same care in the delivery of this announcement.  My prayer is that you will see God’s light shining today and know of his faithfulness – whatever the circumstances – and of His hope.  I didn’t know what the future held for our family…but I trusted Him for our future.  

We don’t know the future of this pregnancy either – especially following a loss  and with my tendency to WORRY!!  But, we are taking one day at a time, and are joyfully anticipating another little baby to hold in our arms.