15 Week Bumpdate



-Feeling just a little large for this to only be 15 weeks, but maybe it was the angle and the camera???  Might as well get used to growing…

-Have been LOVING the fall-ish weather and am looking forward to being pregnant mostly through the cooler months.  Already have been disappointed in my maternity wardrobe and have been scoping out sales to catch a few staple pieces on discount!

-I think that I may have felt some movement, but I can’t say for sure.

-As with Kohen, I have been avoiding sweets – they just don’t sound good!  So, I don’t know if that is just my preference when I’m dealing with the sickness, or if that means we have another boy on our hands.  Time will tell.

-I still haven’t made it completely out of the woods in terms of feeling good…which may contribute to the extra weight gain.  Food is the only thing that seems to make the gross taste in the back of my throat go away.  I’ve tried the anti-nausea meds and Tums, but gum and mints seem to mask the symptoms the best.

-Have also been feeling quite tired.  But, early bed time is my jam in normal life, so it’s not completely surprising.

-Cravings: Salty and Fresh.  Salads with any vinaigrette type dressing, broccoli and carrots, pickled okra, pickles, cottage cheese, sandwiches and Dr. Pepper (but I don’t give in very often) and fast food.  A friend had taco bell at small group the other night and it was all I could think about until I went and got some for lunch the next day!

-We got a gym membership so I’m looking forward to getting back on the fitness track and helping to curb excessive weight gain

-We don’t have another appointment for a few weeks – doc is on vacation so I had to go for a 17 week appointment instead of the normal 16.  Had a little bit of a scare around 13 weeks, but thankfully baby’s heartbeat was solid and strong.  Brought huge relief to this nervous mama.

-It also needs to be noted that my doctor was concerned about my blood pressure at my last appointment…I tried to convince her that it is high at every doctor appointment because I have white coat syndrome, but she wasn’t having it.  Chad and my mom have been monitoring it at home and it has been regular here, so I have been recording it as evidence.  The doc wanted to know why I hadn’t been diagnosed with chronic hypertension and she wasn’t willing to take any risks and referred me to a specialist.  We won’t see that doctor until later September.  Doing my best to remain calm about the situation, and what has me mellow is the fact that we have recorded good blood pressure markers at home.  I know in my heart that my blood pressure is high just because of being in the doctor’s office and my worry that everything is ok with the baby.  So, now, I just have to convince the doctors!!

-So thankful to be carrying this little life and look forward to seeing the baby on the sono for the anatomy scan (praying for strong development and all the parts to be growing perfectly) and to have a little icing on the cake to find out the gender.