20 Week Bumpdate

Yay! We’re over halfway there!  And we know our little baby’s gender.

It’s a BOY!!

When the sono lady was doing the sonogram, she got to the end and asked if we had a preference/feeling this time around.  Chad started to say how fun it would be to have a little girl, when she interrupted him and said, well, unfortunately you don’t have a very shy little son!  He was loud and proud, spread legs, ready to show himself off to the world.

We are so thrilled.  NOT ONLY for a perfect little one, growing and measuring right on, but also for the icing on the cake of knowing that it is a HE in there.  The very first thing I told Chad after we found out (and after we high-fived, of course) was that he could now build bunk beds for the boys!

I was secretly hoping for a boy.  Don’t get me wrong, a girl would have been so sweet…we all know the craziness that would ensue (I had even found the PERFECT Hello Kitty diaper bag), but I know it will be so special for Kohen to have a brother.  And I never got to experience what it was like to have a sister (ok, my brothers are alright too) but there is just something different when you have a sibling of the same gender.  I have also already gone through some of Kohen’s baby clothes and I’m pumped to use them again on this little guy!

Anyway, we found out on a Monday (a little after 18 weeks) at my specialist appointment.  Which went very well by the way.  Other than the appointment taking all morning, everything checked out fine.  They will monitor me closely because blood pressure is not something to mess around with (and I understand completely), but I still felt like my elevated levels were because of my general nervous state at the doctor’s office.  But, it just means that we get to see our little guy more towards then end with a few extra sonograms, and we will pray that everything goes well towards the end of the pregnancy.

We kept the baby’s gender a secret until we could share with family in a small gender reveal party.


We had Chad’s mom and Paul, Paul’s son CJ and his wife, Chad’s dad and Beth, Chad’s brother’s family, my parents, and my younger brother (Ty skipped out to be at the Royals game – who are going to the World Series…what??????!!!!!) over to our house and I made a couple pots of chili, and kept it pretty low-key with the sides.

We ate out on the back patio and it was a beautiful evening.

We decided to reveal the baby’s gender first thing because we didn’t want any chances of spoiling the surprise.


I had wrapped up a new little onesie and we planned to have Kohen open it up.  (I wanted to find “matching” outfits so that Kohen would be dressed in the same outfit that he would pull a smaller version of out of the bag, but I wasn’t finding what I wanted at the store.  Chad insisted that it was fine…and it was.  It’s just once you have something in your mind…ya know??  Or maybe that’s just me??)

Anyway, Ko opened the bag, and it was BLUE!



Mama and her boys!

We had a great evening with family and it was great to finally let everyone know!!

IMG_3646 IMG_3650IMG_3630 IMG_3631 IMG_3628

Those pics were all from around 19 weeks.


This is from last weekend (20 weeks)  Mama and little brother.


Daddy and big brother!

So thankful for my family! And the chance to take care of 3 boys (yes I include Chad) 🙂