28 Week Bumpdate…Insomnia Edition

Well…here we are.  28 weeks.  Woohoo!!  Oh, and it’s also 5AM on a SATURDAY!

I’m not mad.  It’s ok.  I am sitting in a dark room with the Christmas tree lit and nice warm cup of decaf coffee.  Also fabulous to note, this is the first time in two years that our Christmas tree has been out of the box.  Two years ago we were living with my parents, and last year we were in the apartment.  I was somewhat scared that the whole tree wouldn’t light up when taken out of the box.  BUT, it actually looks great and Kohen had so much fun putting ornaments on the tree with me.  And then not stopping to touch the tree EVER!  Oh, many a timeout for that boy.  He just doesn’t quite understand why he can’t play with his new “Mater” ornament this year.  I can’t blame him…it really doesn’t make much sense.

Anyway, things with the pregnancy are moving along just fine.

Baby boy seems to be doing great.  I suppose I’m a bit off on my appointments, so next time (close to 30 weeks) I will take my glucose test, get a sonogram, and see the doc.  The specialist requested that we check on baby every 4 weeks towards the end.  I’m not complaining about getting the opportunity to check in on that little guy!

I feel like I’m as big as I was at the END of Kohen’s pregnancy.  But, such is life as a pregnant lady.  Just embracing this special time…you know, pregnancy through the winter.  Lots of layers and lots of food.  What’s there to be sad about?!  Thanksgiving was so awesome.  EXCEPT for when you stuff yourself, and you have a big belly on top of that.  It was the most uncomfortable I’ve been so far.  BUT the food was soooo good.  We hit up 4 thanksgivings over the break.  I mentioned to Chad how I LOVE that we are able to go around and see everybody and spend time.  And, Kohen did so great.  I think, though, my crabbiness on Monday (and Kohen’s too) was due to all the mayhem (fun) that we experienced during the break.

Back to baby…not being able to sleep hasn’t been an every night thing…thank goodness.  It just happens every once in awhile.  With Kohen, I got cramps in my legs a lot towards the end.  This time, I’ve noticed my legs are tight when I wake up, but I haven’t woken up with a full blown cramp in the night..yet.

Chad is my little busy worker bee (a handy hubs is the best!!) and we are in full swing of projects around here.  He crafted built-ins for our closet to create more space in our bedroom, as well as to allow us to give our dresser to Kohen, and Kohen’s dresser to the baby (so all the white furniture that Chad made first time around will stay together).  Next up, painting the baby’s room.  Which also involves painting the dark brown woodwork white.  He really is the best, no joke.

And then, all that is left is to name this kid!  Seriously!  If Chad would just agree to my name choice, everything could be fine 🙂  But really, boy’s name are a lot tougher for us than girl’s names.  Not that we have had to ever think seriously about a girl name…we have one in our back pocket that we loved since before we were even close to getting pregnant.

This is probably more like a life update than an actual bump update…I don’t even really have an updated picture.  Maybe I will get one tonight.  We are celebrating Chad’s work Christmas party downtown and a little husband brag, Chad is up for Employee of the Year!  His co-workers vote on this honor and he is 1 of 4 finalists.  I AM SO PROUD OF HIM!!!  Anyone who knows Chad, knows his genuine heart, ability to strike up conversation with anyone, willingness to do the things that are not always fun, his hard-working attitude, and his absolute like-ability.  I may be a bit biased.

And, for fun…recent pictures of K.

IMG_3955 IMG_3957 IMG_3978 IMG_3979 IMG_3980 IMG_3985 IMG_4009