5 on Friday

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a 5 on Friday…but K is successfully napping and while I had a few minutes, I decided to write a few things down.

My friend has been making these cookies for quite some time, and I’ve always enjoyed them, but never made them myself.  It is a trusted Pioneer Woman recipe, that of course has too much butter and sugar, BUT they also have a few healthy ingredients like granola, dried apricots, and cran-rasins.  The cookies are named after PW’s friend Hyacinth, and it’s only fitting that I would think of my good friend (Marcy) as I made the cookies.  The recipe makes a ton of cookies, but I stick the extras in the freezer and pull them out as needed.  I even blessed my co-workers with a few.  They hated/loved me 🙂IMG_2609

Snow/cold/ice/winter.  I AM SO OVER YOU.  This is the time of year when Chad and I talk (semi) seriously about moving to a warmer location.  I just function better when the sun is shining and the wind isn’t blowing ridiculously cold air in my face.

IMG_1365K doesn’t seem to mind the cold

K is turning into a little boy.  More and more words every day.  It has become officially official that I need to watch what I say.  My mom texted me this week and said “K’s first 5 word phrase…Oh my gosh monster truck”  And I get it, it is sorta cute…but there is just something also disturbing about a not-even-two-year-old saying “oh my gosh”.  I remember not that long ago being with our dear friends and their little boy corrected me when I said “oh my gosh” and that we should say “holy cow”.  He was right…I obviously need him with me as my accountability partner.  And yes, there are FAR worse things that could (and will) come out of his mouth…but for now, this momma is watching her words.

Chad has taught K some new phrases “Daddy is Awesome” and “Mommy is Pretty”.  Now there are some good phrases to repeat!!  Cause, it’s true 😉

IMG_1357 IMG_1367 IMG_2598

Basketball season is coming to a close, but not without the most awesome time of the year!  MARCH MADNESS!!  So many exciting games around….Trey’s (little bro) team entering the final tournament of the season, H.S. Substate for both my dad and Ty (older bro), and the NCAA tourney Go Hawks (and Shockers…sure, I’ll hop on that bandwagon)

IMG_2608Watching bball with “gampa” on his birthday!


5 on Friday


Sweet baby (toddler) K man is 18 months today.  What???  He is growing, walking (running), talking, understanding, forming opinions, throwing tantrums when things don’t go his way, smiling, giggling, watching, learning.  As I rocked him to sleep today for his nap, I just looked at his sleeping face.  I am so thankful to be his momma.  He is a special little boy.


Excuse the piggy tail in the background!


Thanksgiving break/celebrations was a wonderful time.  I walked away from each gathering full (very full), thankful, and with a positive attitude.  Nothing is ever perfect when you pack that much family time into just a few short days, but this year it really was a lot of fun.  K got to play with cousins and we got to spend ample time places before our next required appearance.

IMG_2158 IMG_2159


It was just way too dang depressing to not have any Christmas decorations up in the house.  So, we got the smallest tree ever (2 ft) from Target, I pulled a few decorations out of storage and we added just a touch of festive-ness to the apartment.  Instant mood lifter!  Who’s idea was it to not put up Christmas decorations anyway??

IMG_2183 IMG_2187


It is cold!!  Super cold.  I figured it would be a nice way to break up the morning by getting out of the house and running a quick errand to Dillons.  That was stupid.  Really stupid.  What was I thinking?  It was nice and warm once we got into the store, but all the stages in-between were totally not worth it.  Guess we are stuck inside the rest of the day!  Good thing I have ingredients to bake with!!

Also, I have seen all those posts on Facebook about how you are not supposed to strap your child into the car seat with a big winter coat on.  I get the logic and I understand the danger, but can someone tell me exactly how this is supposed to look in  freezing cold temps?  When we were using the baby carrier it was a lot easier because we just loaded up on blankets.  Now that K is much bigger, I struggle with exactly how this scenario plays out without a lot of changes (coat on, coat off, coat back on…etc…)


One of Chad’s favorite meals is Spaghetti.  Unfortunately, this meal is way down on the list for me, but I try to make it (somewhat often) as to keep peace around here 🙂  It was a lucky day last night because both Daddy and Ko were very happy with my supper selection!


5 on Friday


Christmas music is in full force around here lately.  I listed to it on my phone at work, I jam to it at my home office, and K and I are rockin to it today on my day off.  Everything is just happier this way 🙂  May I recommend: Pandora Stations N*SYNC christmas or Straight No Chaser Holiday



Kohen is quite the creative little boy.  It is fun to just sit back and watch while he plays by himself.  At one point, I caught him like this:



We started watching The Office from Season 1.  Please tell me you watch(ed) the office!  Chad wasn’t so sure and early on in our marriage we fixed that.  Started watching from season 1 when we had netflix while newlyweds.  AND HE WAS HOOKED! Good thing, because we recently borrowed the seasons from some great friends and started watching again.  It makes working in an office even that much more funny!

And, Chad took it to a whole new level.  He was talking about it at work and quoting lines when one of the doctor’s overheard.  It sealed the friendship and Chad knew the perfect prank.


Yes, friends, that is a mini stapler in Jello.  It took us 2 tries to get the Jello to set up right, but it turned out amazing the 2nd time.  If you know Chad, you know that he loves pranks.  I believe when he worked for the construction crew there were a few times a rubber snake made an appearance!  So, I suppose I will just apologize to all of his coworkers in advance! (Actually, I think they really love him – and what’s not to love?!)


I follow this blog called Pinterest Told Me To, and if you don’t read it, you should!  Anyway, she has lost of great advice and neat fashion tips.  Since we are on super budget restriction, I do not order everything she suggests, but I try to use her tips to use what I already have in my closet.  Anyway, sometimes something comes along that it just too good to pass up.  I have always had an obsession with wearing black and white (I blame my years working in the salon where we were required to wear black) and now you throw in the mix with brown – I’M ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT!!!  So, I saw this scarf she suggested and knew it needed to be mine.  I will not apologize if you see me wearing it at every holiday function from now until New Year’s and beyond.  Consider yourself warned.

IMG_8625 copy


Our Thanksgiving celebrations kick off this weekend.  I’m making green bean casserole (which I’ve never actually made before, but it’s not THAT hard, right??) and I’m still deciding on the desert I will take to Chad’s dad’s on Sunday.  Chad is campaigning for just plain pumpkin pie, and I’m thinking more of a pumpkin chiffon pie like my grandma makes…maybe I will do both?!  Or, I do have some sour cherries in the freezer from my mom’s cherry tree…so maybe a cherry pie as well?

I found this on Pinterest and thought it was really neat, but maybe a little bit on the over achiever status right there.

15 things

5 things for this Friday was just way too limiting…so we are going with 15.  In no particular order:

1. The time change MESSED UP OUR WORLD, but I think we may be recovering.  I do enjoy the light in the morning, but the darkness at night is not my favorite.  K was all sorts of messed up on sleep, and I was recovering from that late nite with friends.  Average bedtime this week:  8:30…and I’m not even ashamed.

2. All our friends are turning 30!!  What old people…ha!  It pays to be the youngin of the group…ha!  (not by much)  Anyway, we had a party last weekend for Chad’s hometown buddy, Dan.  We got to see some friends that we don’t get to see as often and K was pumped because he 12got to hang out with his buddy Lyle!  They are a little over a month apart and they attempted to get along as well as little ones at this age can!  They wanted to give each other hugs which was so sweet.

IMG_2028 2

3. My big bro stopped by for supper this week.  It is SO COOL that he accepts my requests for impromptu dinner.  A bonus that Ko gets to play with his Uncle.  Plus, living close enough for a last minute invite is even better.  Ty and Ko played semi and Uncle Ty makes all the BEST semi  noises!

4. Little bro, Treybo is going to be playing at my alma mater (HC) this next week!  We are going to stay up a little past our bedtime (game starts at 8PM), but Uncle Treybo is worth it!

5. It is time to bust out our winter hat!  Isn’t this cute?!


6. I get to go on a trip with my company in a little over two months.  It has been decided that K will stay home.  It will be the first time I leave him.  Cue anxious heart.  However, it is major mixed emotions because Chad gets to come along with me and we get to spend quality time together.

7. This post resonated with me so much.  What a sweet reminder in my roll as Kohen’s mommy… “I don’t have to be on the defense- trying to manipulate and control their environment. I can be on the offense- going after their hearts and directing them to a very great Savior who rescues from sadness, sickness, and death.

8. I have joined the skinny jean revolution.  Whitney was my inspiration because she always looks SO GOOD in them.  I decided it was time to at least try a pair on.  It does take a bit to get used to the fit, but I feel like overall I am pleased with my purchase and enjoy how well they tuck into my boots!

9. Dave Ramsey is changing our lives.  There will probably be more on this in the future, but for now I will say that his principles work.  No joke.

10. Remember above when I talked about 30th birthdays.  We celebrated another this week, Red Robin was delicious.  Even better, there is a costume party tonight to keep the celebration rolling.  Chad and I are pretty proud of our idea.  Prepare to be amazed.


11. Football is OVER – well high school anyway.  (We are still gladly cheering for the CHIEFS on Sundays)  So that means two glorious weeks of having a daddy back.  Basketball is the best season of all, and while it will still be busy, it will not require Chad to be gone every Friday evening.

12.  While I do not appreciate the early dark evenings, as stated earlier, it does remind me that basketball is here!  So many teams to keep up with…the Moundridge Wildcats, Douglass Bulldogs, Belle Plaine Dragons, Barton Cougars, and of course the Kansas Jayhawks!  Thank goodness for twitter updates!

13. K and I had a special morning.  My friend, Nancy, came up for a Panera date.  She is seriously awesome.  We are blessed to have her in our life!


14.  Then, my Grandma called while we were out and said she was in town and wanted to meet us for lunch!  As we winded down our phone conversation, she said, “be sure to bring Kohen”  No problem Gma!  The hummus at Bella Luna was not the only treat that K received!  (Great-grandparents tend to spoil this little one)


15.  We’ve already started the planning for where/when all the Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings will occur.  It is exciting and awesome, and a little tricky with lots of places to be and limited time off from work.  I may need a Starbucks red cup to ease the headache 😉



5 on Friday – better late than never!


Tonight was Chad’s LAST Friday football game of the season…technically there is a game next week on Thursday, but the end is in sight!  Yes, he will have commitments throughout the basketball season and the spring sports season as well, but at least I know that not EVERY Friday night he will be gone.


K man has exploded in the word department.  Yes, most of it is only understandable to Chad or myself…but it is still neat to see his mind develop and grow!  You must check out his “Excavator” video on my facebook page.  He doesn’t like to always perform, but I can get him to do sounds for Puppy dog (high pitched oo, oo, oo, oo); kitty cat (quick meow, meow, maow); dinosaur & lion (rarrrrr).  He will repeat words after I say them:  home (ome) – the kid likes to be home just like his momma! basketball (ba-ba-ball); football (fu-ba); more (mo-mo-mo); daddy (da-da); mommy (ma-ma); semi (ma-miii); bus (baaaaa! in the most excited voice EVERRR)…there are probably more, that’s all I can remember at this hour…



I feel like the excavator story needs more explaining…  We have bunches of truck/implement/large vehicle books.  There are correct names for all these large machines.  So, we call everything by it’s correct name.

On Wednesdays, Ko comes with me to work where I meet my mom and she takes him back to her house (the farm).  My co-worker Kris is there early and when we show up, Ko knows right where to go!  You see, Kris started a fun routine of looking up tractors and semi’s on google images and letting K drool over the pictures at her desk.  We had pretty much exhausted all the tractors and semis and she asked me for another name to type in.  I said “excavator”.  Lots of pictures showed up and K pointed and sounded out “EXxx-a-va-or” in his little language.  And Kris was instantly impressed (mommy too)  On the way home that evening K repeated excavator over and over and over again!


K is going to be a pirate for halloween.  I picked up an outfit this summer at a garage sale.  I told Chad that K needed a sword for his outfit to be complete.  So, Chad made a tiny sword out of cardboard.  He was diligent and creative and made a cute little pirate weapon and he even painted it.  Before I knew what was happening, Chad had made the sword all too realistic with some red blood on the end.  YIKES!  Now, that was too much for this momma to handle.  I made him repaint it.  Sheesh.  BOYS!!  What have I got myself into?



K has started giving out kisses.  Open mouthed, slobbery, kisses.  They are precious.  I never turn him down.  I mean, how can you?  Especially when he comes at you looking so precious.  We just will have to work on appropriateness, he tends to attack Allison (the babysitter) on Mondays.


5 on Friday


We have almost survived K’s first molar pushing its nasty way through.  Sheesh.  I went into super first-time-mom-freak-out-mode.  From the puke, to the runny diapers, the refusal of all food and bottles, and the insane emotional moments, I knew there was just something wrong.  But, I didn’t know what.  Until yesterday morning…Chad was tickling Ko and made him do all out open mouth giggles.  He called me in to the room to check out the goods.  And sure enough, we have brand spankin new tooth coming in on the top left side.  Oh. Joy.



The barn sale was the bomb.  Tons of people, tons of great junk and crafts, and the most perfect of chilly falls days.  The parking was improved (woohoo!), I enjoyed time with sweet friends.  But, would you believe that I didn’t buy a darn thing??  What is the matter with me?!  I suppose it was that annoying voice of reason as I walked around.  Trust me, there was plenty that I wanted and could have most definitely turned into my ( I mean, Chad’s) new project.  But, we just don’t have space for any more “stuff” in the apartment.  And, I can’t justify putting another thing in storage for our future space when I don’t even know what our future space will look like!  Alas, I came home with no physical items.  But, I did return with a happy heart.


I’m the meal planner around these parts.  So, in my daily blog reading I came to this recipe.  Crazy, right?  But something about the way Tonya explained the recipe and assured me that the ingredients would be ok, gave me the final push to try it out for the family.  Chad admitted to me after the fact that while we were grocery shopping he was incredibly apprehensive about the ingredients we were purchasing.  Fish Sauce? Curry Paste?  Rice noodles?  But, he said that since he loves me so, he decided to go along with it.  Boy, was he happy or what?!  The meal was awesome!  Great flavor and just downright delicious!  So glad we stepped out of our comfort zone and tried a few new ingredients.  Plus we got to use the Wok we got as a wedding gift!  I may have even convinced a few co-workers that a new recipe doesn’t have to be scary 🙂





Did you know that this week is P.A. week? Yeah, me neither until Chad says yesterday that he needs to take treats to work to celebrate.  (Shout out to two of our favorite PAs – 1 rockstar, Marcy and 1 in training, Levi!) You know I’m always up for trying a new recipe!  I came across this recipe last week and didn’t have a reason to make it.  This kind of awesomeness definitely should not be sitting around the house for me to snarf.  I haven’t tasted it, but I have a feeling that not even a crumb will return home.  I had a lot of fun putting it together!




We are going to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend!  Look at Ko just 1 year ago…where has the time gone?!


I think K will have even more fun this year!

And, I’m planning an awesome family craft!  Painting pumpkins…we will try not to make TOO big of a mess!

5 on Friday – Nap time edition


Not that our week has been super crazy or anything, but I just didn’t really make it priority to get my blog post written ahead of time.  Chad and I rented a movie last night (more on that later) and I didn’t want to stay up late to write.  Plus, we had a play date this AM and I’m kinda having trouble thinking of 5 things!


Chad and I haven’t watched a movie in seriously a long time, but a few weeks ago we happened on to the local Family Video with a huge sign that said $1 rentals.  Heck yeah!  I thought it was like Blockbuster (RIP) in that your status or membership transferred between each store…but apparently not.  So, we gave them our quick info and we were considered “new members”.  Do you know what new members enjoy?  1/2 price rentals for 30 days.  Do you know what that makes the grand total for a rental…54 cents!  I think we have watched more movies in the last few days than we have since K was born…ha! (funny, but not funny)  We usually start one after K goes to bed…which isn’t good for my early bedtime!  But, it has been fun to watch a few new releases.  In case you are wondering, I have officially been taken off of movie-picking-duty.  My selections always stink!  What is wrong with me?!


K had some serious awesome adventures this week with his g-parents.

Chad’s dad took K to the fire station.  K touched the wheels of every large truck in the building!

IMG_1060 IMG_1061

My mom took K to a park where he has learned how to go down the slide by himself!  My baby is growing up and learning so many fun things!


IMG_1734 IMG_1735


He’s cute, huh?



It’s Barn Sale weekend.  Excited to be checking this out for the 3rd year in a row.  And the weather tmr is supposed to be in the 60s!  Sounds like fall perfection to me!  Plus, I’m headed to the sale with a few sweet friends from our previous town.  My heart will be full.


Happy Weekend Friends!