20 Week Bumpdate

Yay! We’re over halfway there!  And we know our little baby’s gender.

It’s a BOY!!

When the sono lady was doing the sonogram, she got to the end and asked if we had a preference/feeling this time around.  Chad started to say how fun it would be to have a little girl, when she interrupted him and said, well, unfortunately you don’t have a very shy little son!  He was loud and proud, spread legs, ready to show himself off to the world.

We are so thrilled.  NOT ONLY for a perfect little one, growing and measuring right on, but also for the icing on the cake of knowing that it is a HE in there.  The very first thing I told Chad after we found out (and after we high-fived, of course) was that he could now build bunk beds for the boys!

I was secretly hoping for a boy.  Don’t get me wrong, a girl would have been so sweet…we all know the craziness that would ensue (I had even found the PERFECT Hello Kitty diaper bag), but I know it will be so special for Kohen to have a brother.  And I never got to experience what it was like to have a sister (ok, my brothers are alright too) but there is just something different when you have a sibling of the same gender.  I have also already gone through some of Kohen’s baby clothes and I’m pumped to use them again on this little guy!

Anyway, we found out on a Monday (a little after 18 weeks) at my specialist appointment.  Which went very well by the way.  Other than the appointment taking all morning, everything checked out fine.  They will monitor me closely because blood pressure is not something to mess around with (and I understand completely), but I still felt like my elevated levels were because of my general nervous state at the doctor’s office.  But, it just means that we get to see our little guy more towards then end with a few extra sonograms, and we will pray that everything goes well towards the end of the pregnancy.

We kept the baby’s gender a secret until we could share with family in a small gender reveal party.


We had Chad’s mom and Paul, Paul’s son CJ and his wife, Chad’s dad and Beth, Chad’s brother’s family, my parents, and my younger brother (Ty skipped out to be at the Royals game – who are going to the World Series…what??????!!!!!) over to our house and I made a couple pots of chili, and kept it pretty low-key with the sides.

We ate out on the back patio and it was a beautiful evening.

We decided to reveal the baby’s gender first thing because we didn’t want any chances of spoiling the surprise.


I had wrapped up a new little onesie and we planned to have Kohen open it up.  (I wanted to find “matching” outfits so that Kohen would be dressed in the same outfit that he would pull a smaller version of out of the bag, but I wasn’t finding what I wanted at the store.  Chad insisted that it was fine…and it was.  It’s just once you have something in your mind…ya know??  Or maybe that’s just me??)

Anyway, Ko opened the bag, and it was BLUE!



Mama and her boys!

We had a great evening with family and it was great to finally let everyone know!!

IMG_3646 IMG_3650IMG_3630 IMG_3631 IMG_3628

Those pics were all from around 19 weeks.


This is from last weekend (20 weeks)  Mama and little brother.


Daddy and big brother!

So thankful for my family! And the chance to take care of 3 boys (yes I include Chad) 🙂


It happened…

Our call number flashed across the screen this morning at church (our church is large enough that we check in the kids for security reasons and we receive a number in case they need to notify us).

I always wondered how I would feel or what my first reaction would be.  Well, today, it meant standing up hurriedly while everyone else was sitting down.  I’m sure I looked like a dingbat, but I didn’t have any time to worry about that.

Something to be thankful for, however, we are at our new church location (yay!).  This was our 2nd Sunday.  See, at the old church location, I would have had to walk all the way across a parking lot to get to the children’s education building (the church outgrew the old sanctuary, which turned into the children’s education wing and the services happened in a building – picture large shed-like place – about 2 parking lots away.  So, I was thankful not to be making a panicked run all the way from here to there.

And, to back it up just a bit, our day started bright and early at 5am.  K thought it was time to get up and play.  Thankfully, Chad took one for the team and went out in the living space to play with him while I slept a little longer.  Chad is much better at taking naps than me (I almost never nap) so he could catch up in the afternoon.  Normally, K is very excited to get to the nursery.  Lots of friends, lots of toys, and super friendly volunteers.  But, today he was a little hesitant and started crying almost immediately.  I hung back and let Chad drop him off and try to distract for a bit before attempting to sneak out.  Nothing was working, so we decided to just rip it off like a band-aid and leave him there while we went into the service.

We knew that things might not end well, but K typically does well in there, like I said, and we thought maybe he would shake it off and enjoy playing.

I watched the screen intently, and we seemed to be in the clear until just after communion.  Everyone was sitting down, I saw the number flash on the screen.  I nudged Chad, whispered our number, “that’s us”, I stood up, asked if he wanted to go, realized I was standing while everyone else was sitting, crouched into a half sit, he encouraged that I should be the one to go, and I hurried out of our row.  I walked to the back where I was met by one of the security team members (very nice gentlemen)  he confirmed my number, I smiled and said, yes that’s me.  Made my way to the nursery, where another man said ” K’s mom?”  I smiled and nodded.  Finally, made my way around the corner where I could hear K crying.  I went into the room, picked him up and he snuggled into my neck.

I decided to just take him back into service with me because I wasn’t sure how much more of the nursery he could take.  We made it back in while they were finishing up a song before the preacher would start his sermon.  K calmed down.  I offered a drink and a snack and he refused both.  He was sniffling a little.  You know the kind?  After you’ve been crying for a while?  He sat on my lap very content, reclining.  And, before I knew it, he fell asleep.  Ohhhh, yeah… he had been up since 5.  He was obviously a little out of his routine.  Very tired and needed to be with momma.  He slept the rest of the service – but not without a sniff sniff every 1-2 minutes.  So sad.

I knew the day would come when our number would flash on the screen, and I’m hoping it won’t be an every Sunday occurrence, but it wasn’t so bad this time around.  There are excellent staff at the church and they take extraordinary care of K while he is in the nursery and they knew when it was time to call in the backup of the parents.  I had the opportunity to talk with the nursery coordinator after the service and she introduced herself (we hadn’t met officially) and commented on how well K does usually and they knew this was an odd circumstance.  We will try again next week and I’m certain K will have a wonderful time – that is unless we are up at 5 again!

October Randomness

Yeah, I’m a creative being and I come up with super creative blog post titles. You’re welcome.

I recently joined Pinterest.  I resisted making an account because I felt as though I just DID NOT need another time waster.  But, I found myself saving links to stuff I found online, and now it will be a neat way to search/organize stuff.  As with a lot of things, this can be a nice tool, but moderation is the key.  Thanks to Whitney for giving me a short tutorial on how everything all works…I felt like such a dork trying to figure the ins and outs.  Now, the key will be to actually use most of the pins and not just dream in an alternate reality!

I busted out the footy pajamas.  K just doesn’t appreciate that he can’t access his belly button at all times.  He does look pretty cute tho!  And, I can’t be held responsible that the ones that fit are christmas themed!


On the days that I work from my home office, hot chocolate with plenty of marshmallows has been an afternoon MUST!  That, and huddled in with a blanket.


Speaking of Pinterest, I made this taco pie.  Super easy and super yummy.  Pinterest Success!!  That’s a thing, right?!


K even liked it! Happy Plate!


You know, last friday when it snowed (I’m sad that I even had to write that sentence)?  Well, we had not turned on the heat (toughing it out and saving money) but it was just too cold, and I just had to do it.  So, I switched it on…waited…and nothing happened.  I had Chad check it over at lunch and he couldn’t get it to work either…OHhhh MAINTENANCE!!!  (It sometimes is nice to be able to do that!)  Glad I called them, well, because I don’t think it was turning on anytime soon.  They inspected and fiddled, went back to get more parts, and worked a little more, and then finally they said, “Ok, if this doesn’t work, then we will have to call in the official guy”  I was just hoping that it was gonna work because the “official” guy wouldn’t be able to come until Monday…and I wouldn’t need heat on Monday…I needed it NOW! Happy to report that whatever they did, worked!  And K and I were way more comfortable than poor Chad who was standing at the football game that night!

K kept me warm during his nap!


Yesterday, we went and watched K’s cousin play soccer.  He is so talented ( I know I’m biased) for an almost 9 year old.  He is smart, fast, strategic, and never gives up!  K even sat there mesmerized for quite a while.  Then we let him run free!

photo IMG_1866

Then we went to Bdubs (Buffalo Wild Wings) before grocery shopping.  It’s best not to grocery shop while hungry.  Aren’t boys funny?!  We watched some excitement during the KU/OU game.  I wish the KU fball team was better…maybe next year?!


P.S.-K has perfected the touchdown arm raise.  Now, the trick is to get him to learn that it also means “TREYBO FOR THREEEEE!!!”  because that season is almost upon us, folks!

We had our first meeting with the Parents as Teachers (PAT) lady.  She was so sweet and K warmed up to her almost immediately.  It probably helped that she brought along the farm set.  K had so much fun.  Now, you’ll never guess where she goes to church.  Yeah, that’s right, the same place we do.  I will never get tired of bragging on God and all the ways that he has been faithful throughout this move.  A moment where I sit in my living room, with a lady that I’ve never met before, who I called just because we had a random piece of mail from the city advertising this service.  No, not a coincidence.  That is God proving that HE is worthy of our trust.  Cool, right?

On that same thread, we had our first meeting with our Small Group last week.  It is going to be a neat time of connecting with others, building relationships, and growing in Christ.  We are going through Acts.  I already learned so many NEW things last week.  Yeah, this is going to be good.

And, I’m prob getting a little long on this post…but one last thing:


My cute little guy all ready for church.  Yes, boys CAN be fun to dress 🙂



Pumpkin Patch 2013

We ventured out to Applejack Pumpkin Patch today…so much fun!

There were just a few things different about going to a pumpkin patch near a bigger city

  1. There is an admission fee (The one near our small town was free last year)
  2. You have to wait in line (for awhile) to pay (I can’t remember a single line last year)
  3. The place is swarming with people!! (I think we went on a more dreary day last year, and we were almost the only people at the place)

The things listed above aren’t necessarily bad, just different from last year.  Now, even though there was a fee to get in (for me and Chad, K was free), there were LOTS of activities to try before we even thought about picking a pumpkin.

We saw the chickens and fed the goats.


Went down the really big slide!

IMG_1803 IMG_1804 IMG_1805

Played some horseshoes and navigated the milo maize.

IMG_1806 IMG_1808

Attempted to get a good photo.


Took a family selfie…


Then a nice lady walked past and offered to take our picture.  Um, don’t you hate it when a stranger so kindly offers to take a pic and then you look at it after they walk away and realize they got the worst possible shot.  Chad was mid-sentence.  Sorry hubs…I won’t put it on the wall, poster-size or anything 😉


Ran through the wooden train, which was also near the pumpkin cannon where we watched people launch little pumpkins at the cows 🙂  I mean, the field near the cows…



Attempted to get K to stand next to the sign…this was the best one I could grab.  Almost 3 ft…what?!


Hmmm, which one should I get?


Found it!



Don’t worry guys, I’ll get the pumpkins…


My boys.


Then, this evening, we painted the pumpkins…


K was VERY excited!

IMG_1081 IMG_1082

Chad was very focused.


Uh, it must be a boy thing…green stuff out the nose and in the mouth…


Our little pumpkin family…



It was a beautiful fall day, I even broke out the warm boots and vest.  K’s shirt I found in a hand-me-down bin, it was just a tad big, but I thought he should be festive!  Couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday!

P.S. I never claimed to be an amazing photographer…fingers and shadows seem to plague the photos above…oh well, at least we captured the memories!





Real Life

Chad and I are blessed with some really great friendships.  People, who, after spending time with, just fill our hearts to the brim.  People we are real with.  People that you don’t have to try with.  Those who you can be yourself.  Those that encourage and inspire us.  Those, that we LAUGH – big time – with.  It’s kinda hard sometimes to find couple friends where both the husband and wife are compatible with us.

One of the hardest parts about moving away this summer, was knowing that we were leaving some really great friendships.  Yes, we wouldn’t be that far away, but yet, it would just be different.  Thankfully, one of the greatest parts of having some really great friends, is that you can either allow the distant to separate you, OR, you can just try that much harder to maintain the relationship.  And, boy, are we thankful.

This past weekend, Chad and I had the opportunity to meet up with some “old” friends at the zoo!  Yes, it has become our new hangout.  K loves it.  I love to see K’s reaction to all the animals.  Plus, I get some good exercise walking around and pushing the stroller.  And, this time, Daddy got to come along.  Chad hadn’t been to the zoo since 5th grade or so.  He was loving it too!  And, the weather was beautiful!  A really great day to be out!

Anyway, isn’t there something so great about watching a dad push the stroller!  Talk about quality daddies right there!


We learned all kinds of neat lessons at the zoo.  Circle of life type stuff.  And, on this particular day, we also learned about the “birds and the bees”.  You know those really large turtles?  Yeah, they were showing each other “extra love”.  It was a very special moment.  You can ask Chad to see the video if you really want to know 😉


Sweet baby girl.IMG_1618

Trying to get K to smile.


Those crazy gorillas.


K baby just chillin.


It was an excellent morning. I just love this guy – big time.


Thanks, Turner’s, for spending the morning with us.  You hold a special place in our hearts.  We love you guys.

And, just in case you needed a glimpse into more “real life” around this house….


Don’t you just love how we’ve redecorated the place?  Ugh.  I was just sick of saying no and decided to remove the temptation for the little one…

Weekend in pictures

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday were a mixed bag.  We had a few things planned, but some of the other time was just spent lounging around and enjoying our little family.  My kind of weekend!

Friday at the zoo was awesome!  Hardly any people there and the weather was perfect!  The kids did great.  But, of course, my child would like the ONE thing at the zoo that isn’t an animal.  The kid is OBSESSED with wheels.


We wore jackets!!

IMG_1553 IMG_1554 IMG_1556 IMG_1557 IMG_1559

Friday afternoon K and I made another trip to Target…where I spotted these!


Unfortunately they didn’t have big girl sizes 😦  And K is a boy – I don’t think Chad would appreciate me dressing him in these…


Saturday morning we went for Donuts!

Maple Bacon, Blueberry Glaze, King Midas (all delicious, naturally)


Don’t you just love K’s face…He’s all “mom! no one has time for pictures!  GIVE ME MY DONUTS!!”IMG_1569

And, we went back for more….

Oatmeal cookie and Peanut butter something….IMG_1571

K-man stuffing his face!IMG_1573

After that, Chad washed the truck, I formulated a grocery list, and we went shopping.  Lunch, and the boys took naps, I caught up on blogs and chilled.


Saturday evening we headed back to Chad’s Alma Mater so he could take in a football game and relive the glory days when #21 was out on the field.  So wish I woulda known him in college to see him out on that field, but it’s still fun to go back with him and see the joy all over his face being at the stadium.  It was super sweet to have K along as well.  Although, he wasn’t much for sitting still and watching the game.  He definitely has his daddy’s speed!

IMG_1578 IMG_1581


I dressed K in fall attire!  First time wearing jeans this season!  A friend of mine so generously gave me all of her hand-me-downs from her son.  It is so fun playing “dress up” when K still lets me choose what he gets to wear.  I’m living it up because I know that all too soon he will have a strong opinion in this arena.  Oh, and he is showing off his latest trick – his belly button.  IMG_1584 IMG_1583

This pic was before I gave in and let him run in the grass by the field while Chad watched the game.

Sunday we went to church, then met friends for Brunch at Granite City.  Have you ever done that?  Whoa!  Talk about delicious.  I think Chad and I were full until Monday morning!  Seriously good food.

Football and naps for the boys and then to another friends house for game night.  The girls took on the boys at Pictionary.  And…the girls won!  The boys are kinda bitter…ha!

I took along this popcorn.  My friend Steph introduced me to it last year, and I just had a huge craving for it again.  PLUS, candy corn was 2fer at the store, so naturally one bag got thrown together with some peanuts and set out on the kitchen counter.  DANGEROUS!  Chad made me promise that we would NOT finish it before the weekend was over…

IMG_0999 IMG_1002

I can feel that Fall is close.  And I say, BRING IT ON!


Weekend Stuff

Chad was “on-duty” all weekend.  Friday nite fball game and Saturday training for work stuff.  K and I got to take in lots of great adventures together, but I found myself always thinking about what Chad would say, or what he would like to see.

This is not meant to come across as a complaint.  I am so thankful for this job that Chad has and the opportunity to use his certification and gain experience.  It just sometimes stinks that he is gone for things.  But, hey!  This is what we signed up for.  And, I knew it full well when we went into it.  Just a little adjusting, I suppose.

Friday afternoon, I deemed it necessary for a Target trip.  And it just happens to work out nicely that Starbucks is located inside!  Target is SO smart 🙂

We ordered some coloring books for K online – the kid freaked out when he first saw them.  The tractor and Semi on the outside was enough for him.  A good solid 10 minutes of pointing and ooh-ing.  So, I wanted to get some colors for him.  Hello CHEAP leftover school supplies!  Pack of 24 crayons….50 cents!



There may have been more eating of crayons than actual coloring…but he had fun anyway!

Friday evening dinner was FUN! Have you been to Bella Luna?  If you have not, you are MISSING OUT!  Best hummus around, neat atmosphere, and close to fun shopping!  It’s a win-win-win!


Look at that beautiful gal! K even thinks so!

Saturday K and I went with some friends to the State Fair!  Wow, it had been quite some time since I had been there.  Funny how everything was kinda still the same.

K LOVED looking at all the big equipment…boats, tractors, ATVs, etc…

IMG_1509IMG_1507 IMG_1513

We enjoyed a delicious cinnamon roll, free sea salt caramel ice cream, and a chicken quesadilla for lunch!


We got there early and attempted to avoid the heat.  But, it warmed up quickly!

After lunch, the bigger kid wanted to ride some rides and before I knew it I looked over and saw this:


He was tuckered out.

I also saw this:


Looks just like a duck dynasty guy, right?!  Haha, it’s actually who we were with all morning!  A friend of a friend…he does look kinda famous tho, right?!


There’s us…in all our sweaty glory!

Thanks for letting me tag along!  K and I had a great time!


Aren’t they so cute?!  Next year’s family photo will be even awesome-er!  C’mon family of four!

Chad is home for the evening and maybe we will catch some KU football 🙂

Chiefs tomorrow!  woohooo…I hope no one in the house is disappointed…