Fall Boots

Wanted to report that I was successful in finding an affordable pair of fall boots!  AND, hubs approved this purchase in the budget for this month! (We are both in this money thing together btw, it’s just that bigger purchases have to be approved by both parties…it’s just good accountability)

I knew that when we headed out to the mall, that there was a strong likelihood that I would not find any boots in my price range.  So, I prepared my heart for this early on.

One of my favorite stores to shop at in mall is Von Maur.  It is so pretty and clean, and it may seem expensive on the exterior, BUT I have found some really great deals…just have to be selective!  And, have you spent any time in their shoe clearance room?! Dangerous…AND if you need to use the restroom while you are at the mall shopping, Von Maur is your spot! (Great area for nursing and changing babies too!)

Anyway, I always beg Chad to park at Von Maur so we at least get to walk in and out thru the store and hear the lovely, live piano music as we shop.  He usually obliges 🙂

I know that starting out my fall boot search in this store was probably not the smartest move, but I gave it a shot anyway.  I cringed every time I turned a boot over to check the price ($250, $179, $159) I was almost ready to tell Chad that we should probably take our search elsewhere when I decided to check the price of one more boot – I did a double take.  It said $79 on the bottom of the shoe.  I looked extra close to make sure that there wasn’t a 1 in front of the number that had gotten rubbed off.  Sure enough, I was right the first time.

Chad thought they looked nice, so I tried them on.  A little stiff – as most boots are initially, but I was happy with the fit and the amount of room in the calf.  It will be perfect to go over leggings or to tuck skinny jeans in to.  However, boot cut jeans will be too much fabric to try to stuff in there.  If you have smaller calves, you may have more room.


A nice little fashion statement, eh?  Obviously will not wear with these jeans 🙂

I was impressed, but Chad wasn’t going to let me make a quick decision…so we continued to search around and mull the decision over.  Alas, we didn’t find anything else that was super great – or landed remotely in the price range.  So we circled back around and picked up the boots.

If you don’t live near a Von Maur, I found the boots online as well…I usually wear 8 1/2 or 9 in shoes and these were true to size.  I went with the 8 1/2.  And, i would say that I tend to be on the more “muscular” side in terms of calf width and these fit with room to spare.  Here is the pic from the site if you want to see the detail up close.



Now, I just need the weather to consistently scream “FALL” and I will break these puppies out along w/ all my fall attire (hopefully without sweating too much…ha!)