28 Week Bumpdate…Insomnia Edition

Well…here we are.  28 weeks.  Woohoo!!  Oh, and it’s also 5AM on a SATURDAY!

I’m not mad.  It’s ok.  I am sitting in a dark room with the Christmas tree lit and nice warm cup of decaf coffee.  Also fabulous to note, this is the first time in two years that our Christmas tree has been out of the box.  Two years ago we were living with my parents, and last year we were in the apartment.  I was somewhat scared that the whole tree wouldn’t light up when taken out of the box.  BUT, it actually looks great and Kohen had so much fun putting ornaments on the tree with me.  And then not stopping to touch the tree EVER!  Oh, many a timeout for that boy.  He just doesn’t quite understand why he can’t play with his new “Mater” ornament this year.  I can’t blame him…it really doesn’t make much sense.

Anyway, things with the pregnancy are moving along just fine.

Baby boy seems to be doing great.  I suppose I’m a bit off on my appointments, so next time (close to 30 weeks) I will take my glucose test, get a sonogram, and see the doc.  The specialist requested that we check on baby every 4 weeks towards the end.  I’m not complaining about getting the opportunity to check in on that little guy!

I feel like I’m as big as I was at the END of Kohen’s pregnancy.  But, such is life as a pregnant lady.  Just embracing this special time…you know, pregnancy through the winter.  Lots of layers and lots of food.  What’s there to be sad about?!  Thanksgiving was so awesome.  EXCEPT for when you stuff yourself, and you have a big belly on top of that.  It was the most uncomfortable I’ve been so far.  BUT the food was soooo good.  We hit up 4 thanksgivings over the break.  I mentioned to Chad how I LOVE that we are able to go around and see everybody and spend time.  And, Kohen did so great.  I think, though, my crabbiness on Monday (and Kohen’s too) was due to all the mayhem (fun) that we experienced during the break.

Back to baby…not being able to sleep hasn’t been an every night thing…thank goodness.  It just happens every once in awhile.  With Kohen, I got cramps in my legs a lot towards the end.  This time, I’ve noticed my legs are tight when I wake up, but I haven’t woken up with a full blown cramp in the night..yet.

Chad is my little busy worker bee (a handy hubs is the best!!) and we are in full swing of projects around here.  He crafted built-ins for our closet to create more space in our bedroom, as well as to allow us to give our dresser to Kohen, and Kohen’s dresser to the baby (so all the white furniture that Chad made first time around will stay together).  Next up, painting the baby’s room.  Which also involves painting the dark brown woodwork white.  He really is the best, no joke.

And then, all that is left is to name this kid!  Seriously!  If Chad would just agree to my name choice, everything could be fine 🙂  But really, boy’s name are a lot tougher for us than girl’s names.  Not that we have had to ever think seriously about a girl name…we have one in our back pocket that we loved since before we were even close to getting pregnant.

This is probably more like a life update than an actual bump update…I don’t even really have an updated picture.  Maybe I will get one tonight.  We are celebrating Chad’s work Christmas party downtown and a little husband brag, Chad is up for Employee of the Year!  His co-workers vote on this honor and he is 1 of 4 finalists.  I AM SO PROUD OF HIM!!!  Anyone who knows Chad, knows his genuine heart, ability to strike up conversation with anyone, willingness to do the things that are not always fun, his hard-working attitude, and his absolute like-ability.  I may be a bit biased.

And, for fun…recent pictures of K.

IMG_3955 IMG_3957 IMG_3978 IMG_3979 IMG_3980 IMG_3985 IMG_4009


A Rainbow…a symbol of hope



As you may or may not have noticed, life over here in my corner of blog land has been pretty quiet.  I suppose it was a combination of lots of things.  Moving to the new house, working on & fixing up the new house, enjoying summer together, spending lots of time outside, chasing around our very active two-year-old, and filling up our summer days.  My heart just wasn’t really into writing, plus I was in the midst of dealing with many emotions along the process after miscarriage and desperately wanting to be pregnant again.  

During my time of grief, I came across the term “Rainbow Baby”.  This refers to the baby that follows a loss.  In the Bible, in Genesis, after God floods the earth, he gives a sign of a Rainbow as a promise to never flood the earth again.  It was a symbol of hope that whenever they would look at the sky they could trust in God’s promises.  I began praying that moment that God would bless us with a sweet little Hershberger Rainbow baby – not to fill the void of the twins – but to bring hope and joy to a heavy, grieving heart (and family).

It is with great joy, thankfulness, and excitement that the Hershberger’s announce our Rainbow baby to arrive late Feb/early March.  Kohen will be a big brother!!

As I make this announcement, I am also torn because I know over the last 8 months how much pregnancy announcements have hurt me.  Not because I was not genuinely excited for the couples’ announcing, but it was a fresh reminder of what I didn’t have.  I had so many great friends who announced their pregnancies to me following our miscarriage.  And, I am so very thankful for their tenderness, and love in the way they were so gentle with me.  I know that it was not an easy conversation to have, but it was also special that they took the time to tell me privately with genuine care for my feelings.  I wish that same care in the delivery of this announcement.  My prayer is that you will see God’s light shining today and know of his faithfulness – whatever the circumstances – and of His hope.  I didn’t know what the future held for our family…but I trusted Him for our future.  

We don’t know the future of this pregnancy either – especially following a loss  and with my tendency to WORRY!!  But, we are taking one day at a time, and are joyfully anticipating another little baby to hold in our arms.


We bought a house!!

Hey!  It’s me, I’m back and in a BIG way.

Yes, you read that right…the Hershberger’s are (first-time-in-our-lives) homeowners!  As with many things throughout my life, this is exciting, scary, stressful, awesome, and stinkin awesome all rolled into one!

When we moved to the bigger city this past summer, we had a goal to eventually purchase a home.  After all, we had rented throughout our entire marriage, and we wanted to put down some roots, decorate the interior (ok maybe just me), maintain the lawn, and truly invest in something that was ours!  With the series of events that led to Chad’s job offer and our move, we were in no way financially prepared, or emotionally prepared  to embark on the house buying process at that time.  So, we rented an apartment.  It felt like the right decision at the time, and there are serious ways we could see God’s hand throughout the process…like moving in across the way from old friends who I went to high school and college with!  Or, finding a church within the first few weeks of moving.  I could go on and on and on about the ways that God worked out the details about our move to the city, but the greatest story so far is the one about how we ended up in this house.

So, like I said, we had the goal of buying a house.  So, we buckled down our finances and got serious about saving.  Around January, we knew that we were well on our way, and with our apartment lease ending in June, we knew we had about a 6-month timeframe to work with.  So, during the early part of the year we started casually looking at houses, just to see what was out there.  Without a huge time crunch, we were able to be ultra picky.  But, to be honest, nothing quite fit what we needed.  Too much work, not enough work, wrong elementary school boundary, only two beds upstairs, etc…  So, we continued this process into spring, when we began to really feel the crunch.  Knowing that buying a house takes time, offers, counter-offers, contract, inspections, repairs, closing, etc… it’s not just an overnight process.

I will spare all the lame details, but after getting very discouraged, the discussion about staying in the apartment another year came up.  Yes, on the outset, it sounded like a not-so-bad idea, but then you start thinking about it more…and the major flaws of living there another year seem to scream out.  So, our patience was running thin.  We kept praying, knowing that God’s timing was always better than what we could attempt to create ourselves.

On April 25th, over Chad’s lunch hour, we quick looked at a house that had only been on the market for a few days.  From previous experience, we knew that we would have to act fast, as houses that we wanted were flying off the market.  I had spent the morning with a friend, and on the way to the showing, K fell asleep in the backseat.  Chad quick picked up some lunch, and we met our realtor at the house.  We opened up the tailgate of Chad’s truck, and shoved our faces with food, while K took a nap in my car with the windows rolled down.

Chad encouraged me to take a quick look first, while he finished up lunch and hung outside with K.  I walked in, checked out the kitchen and living room, counted the bedrooms upstairs, went downstairs, looked outside (spotted the shed), and felt good about what I saw.  I came outside to trade spots with Chad.  While I stood outside, I scoped out the neighbors, enjoyed the shade from the mature trees, pictured my family siting on the front deck, and before I knew it…Chad came out and said “I’m ready to put in an offer right now”  I smiled and said, “Ok” knowing that I could definitely see ourselves in this place, the timing was right, and we didn’t want to lose out on a house that was in our price range, and so very well taken care of.  Yes, it was on the older side, but it would allow us to make changes over time, and as money allowed.  We stood in the driveway with our realtor and made a plan of action.  He would head back to his office and write up the contract, bring it back to us and we would meet at Chad’s work to fill everything out.  We had our offer in by 3pm that afternoon.

So, we waited.  It happened to be Easter weekend, so we thought there might be a chance we wouldn’t hear for a while.  We sent the link to the online profile of the house to our parents, explained all the features and got everyone excited about the possible future.  We were hanging out at my parents, just coming in from playing outside, sitting around the kitchen table with my younger brother talking about the house, and how it could be next week before we hear, when Chad looked down at his phone and saw he had a missed call.  Our realtor.  Chad immediately called him back and we received some of the greatest news:  they accepted our offer!!  Not even 24 hours after our contract was submitted.  And just like that, we were on our way.

With closing less than a month later, we got down to business.  Securing financing, and all the other details.  Our realtor had talked to the seller’s realtor and he mentioned that the husband of the couple had some failing health, and that was the reason for the push to sell.  In my mind, I pictured the couple to be possibly in their 70s or older.

We set up the inspection for a few days following the contract finalization, we had the opportunity to be there with the inspector so that he could tell Chad all of the findings.  When we showed up, the homeowners were there.  We got to meet them, and immediately we knew we were dealing with some very special people.  The wife, a spunky, loving lady, at only 58 cares diligently for her husband who has an illness that affects his frontal lobe.  I believe the word degeneration was thrown around.  In her words, “something far worse than dementia or Alzheimer’s”.

As they were leaving, so that the home inspector could do his thing, she mentioned that she would like to set up a time to get together and walk through a few things and tell us about the house.  I looked at our realtor (as the rule follower that I am) and said “Is that ok?”  and he said “Oh yeah, it’s great actually if somebody wants to be that transparent with you”.

The inspection turned out just fine (just an older roof that needed replacing – which God worked out the details again…upgraded shingles at no cost because the sellers knew somebody), and we scheduled a Saturday to get together not fully knowing what our meeting would look like. We showed up,she took us through the house and gave me little tidbits like wallpaper that she tried to remove, when she put up certain wallpaper, and gave us small details like that in each room. She then took us out to the backyard porch, with a stack of manuals, warranties, receipts, (all very well-organized) and checklist of all the things she wanted to tell us.  Step by step she walked us through each thing.  All the while, including small family stories about their time in this house.  Not only was this lady “simple amazing”, her attitude about life is remarkable.  She has a joy that can only come from the Lord.  She has been given some of life’s toughest circumstances.  Her husband, her companion, the father of her children, has to be cared for 24/7.  She has maintained the home, watching countless youtube videos just so she knew how to install a new thermostat among many other things.  Throughout the morning we heard phrases like “God is amazing!” “We were given 35 wonderful years” “God is awesome!”

Beyond that, she sat there and told us how excited she was for us.  So excited to meet us.  How she was so happy to cover a portion of closing costs because somebody did that for them.  How she had prayed for us.  How she wanted to keep in touch and see things we did to the house.  I sat there in tears, all of the other circumstances led us to this point.  Sitting on the back porch of our soon to be home with the seller telling us that she had been praying for the future owners (US!).

So, this morning, we met back at the house for the final walk thru.  Of course, everything was in remarkable shape, she had cleaned every inch, and set it up perfectly for us to dive right in and start to do a few renovations (mostly paint).

And then, after closing, I went back over with K to check it out again, put the key through the door to our NEW house, and let him run around in the fenced in backyard.  I opened up the screen door and there was a sticky note with a scripture.  I looked in the living room, and just above the thermostat was another sticky note, with more scripture.  In each, and every room…a sticky note with scripture.  She had walked through the house, praying over each room, and placed God’s word there for us to see.

SERIOUSLY!?!  Seriously??  If you EVER doubt that God’s timing is always best, do I have a testimony for you.  Well, I actually have a lot of circumstances in my life like that, but this is a BIG one.  Is God worthy of our trust? Well, yeah, he most certainly is.  Is there any doubt that we are right where we are supposed to be?  Um, yeah, this is definitely NOT where I pictured our family when Chad and I got married 4 short years ago, but WOW, God has given us way more than we could have asked or imagined.  And he promises to take care of us, if we put our trust and faith in Him.

So, here it is…by God’s grace, our new home.


My Valentine(s)

I know, I know…it’s a made up holiday.  But, it can be kinda fun, right?  I mean, telling all the people out there that you love them…and even better That we LOVE because God first LOVED us.  1 John 4:19

We talk a lot about love languages in this house.  (It’s a great book, if you haven’t read it – and it may help you to understand some people – especially the close ones in your life)  Anyway, one of my stronger languages is Gifts.  And Chad’s  stronger one is physical touch – he’d be happy if I was constantly scratching his back, or giving hugs, or sitting super close to him on the couch!  Naturally, you tend to speak the language you want to receive.

So, my husband, spoke my language clearly this year.  We were hanging out in the house on Tuesday evening and all the sudden there was a knock at the door. It was the UPS man delivering a small box.  Chad played dumb and raced in the bedroom and told me not to worry about it.  Then, he opened the door, and called out, “Do you want your surprise now or later?”  I said it didn’t matter (even though I was dying to know what was in the box) and told him it was up to him.  He decided that he didn’t want to wait either and let me open the box.  Inside were two little Hello Kitty charms for my charm bracelet!  Ever since Chad got me that bracelet (our first married Christmas) I have been asking for a Hello Kitty charm.  He has sorta been resisting.  He doesn’t like to play into my Hello Kitty sickness (even though it has slowed down quite a bit).  I was pretty shocked that 1) he got me 2 charms 2) they were both Hello Kitty!!  It is perfect.  And it is happy to me to have the hello kitty next to my two angel babies in heaven.


Not intentionally on my part, I gave Chad a gift yesterday afternoon.  Thursday afternoon he has off from work and I work from home on that day.  Ko woke up a little early from his nap and was still a little groggy.  He cuddled back in and fell asleep on Chad.  Giving Chad major cuddle time and something that he doesn’t get to do very often now that K is older.  It was precious.


And, maybe the best story comes from yesterday.  I knew I wanted to surprise Chad just a little.  So, I had a master plan to make rice krispie treats (one of his favs) and then swing by work on Friday to drop off the treats and surprise him!  Since he was home, we had to make a trip to Dillons all together.  I wouldn’t let him look at the list and just went about the store picking up certain items.  We split up in the store so that he could take the cart and Ko down to get a tub of butter and I dipped into the cereal aisle to get Krisp Rice (you know, the cheaper version of Rice Krispies!)  I found the boys in the refrigerated section and put the cereal in the cart.  At that point, I realized I also needed some stick butter so I walked over there.  As I was coming back to the cart, Chad exclaims, “I know what mommy is making!!”  and was so excited.  I say something about how he wanted a surprise and I was trying hard (sorta).  He gave me a kiss on the cheek and we made eye contact with a lady who is laughing at us.  She just pushes her cart by and says “I’m sorry, that is just SO awesome.”  We must have been making a scene (which with Chad, isn’t hard to do).  We followed her a bit, and I said, “It’s sometimes just the little things, huh?”  And she stops and turns to me and says, “If every man treated a woman like the way he treats you, things in the world would be so much better.  You are a lucky lady.”

It was a neat moment.  I guess we are really feeling the love this Valentine’s Day.

If by chance, you need some encouragement today, Jen Hatmaker wrote this excellent blog yesterday, “To Those for Whom V-day Stinks”.

And because every blog post needs more Kohen love…here are a few recent pics

IMG_2521 IMG_2528 IMG_2540 IMG_2550


San Antonio Trip

I think I mentioned a while back on the blog that I would be taking a work trip in early January.  Well, the time had come for the trip!  I was given the enormous task of planning all the major (and minor) details and we were just a few days away and then I received this news.  Needless to say, the trip had a dark cloud looming overhead, but I had done too much planning and I was anticipating this adventure way too much to just let it all go away.  Thankfully it was a nice distraction and quality time spent with Chad.  Let’s recap:


Wednesday evening we flew out.  We flew Southwest, which in our experience was a very enjoyable airline.  Two short flights and we reached our destination.  In fact, when we landed in Dallas, we were able to get on a earlier flight that had enough space for our group.  What a blessing!  We arrived in San Antonio around 9PM and grabbed a taxi to our hotel (what an adventure).

After we arrived and got checked in, and were incredibly tired and hungry.  Asked the front desk of places to eat and they didn’t have many great suggestions, so we settled (which was excellent) for room service.  It was kinda crazy for Chad to pick up the phone to call and for them to call him Mr. Hershberger.  We just don’t get treated like that everyday.

IMG_1217Thursday morning Chad and I grabbed Starbucks, which was just across the street from our hotel.  In fact, Chad was treating me so well that anytime I asked for Starbucks over the trip, he always answered with yes.  (He knew that he would crack down once we got back home)  After breakfast, I started in on my work obligations.  While the meetings would not officially start until the afternoon, I was there early to help prepare last minute details and coordinate with the office if we needed anything.  I put finishing touches on powerpoints, crafted final numbers and graphs, and coordinated final details with the hotel staff.

Lunch for me was at Texas Land and Cattle on the Riverwalk.  YUM!  I had brisket tacos and they were delicious.  Chad had a friend from his college football days that lives down there so, he met up with a buddy for lunch at Rosarios.  He said it was the best Tacos he’s ever eaten!!

Thursday afternoon for me was all about rolling with the punches.  Never in a million years would I have thought that San Antonio would provide so many travel issues (airplane) for the rest of my co-workers to arrive in TX.  There was thick fog over the city and it provided a few obstacles for everyone to get in on time.  We ended up going on the fly and switching the schedule around just a bit to accommodate all the delays.  While I was in meetings, Chad went out exploring.  He walked along the Riverwalk, found Market Square, located the mall, and a few other attractions that he knew I would want to hit when we could explore together on Saturday.

Thursday evening we had a mexican buffet at Iron Cactus on the river walk.  Again, excellent food and time spent getting to know my co-worker’s spouses (since we don’t all work in the same office)  Chad thrives in those kinds of situations and he had fun making his rounds in the room.

Friday, again was a full day of meetings for me, and another fun day for Chad.  Chad even got to go see The Hobbit again.  And I was just thankful that he got to see it without me for a 2nd time!  For lunch, Chad met up with another college football buddy and they went to a local hamburger joint.  Chad said the burger hit his top 5….ever!

Friday evening was our dinner and awards ceremony.  We ate at The Palm which was just down the street from our Hotel.  Chad and I both had Filet Mignon and it was out of this world.  Wow, so delicious.  We had green beans, and Potatoes Au Gratin and the largest slice of cheesecake I’ve ever seen for dessert.  We spent time recognizing the accomplishments of the company and those within the company that were top achievers.  We even had a quiz for spouses (which Chad won a giftcard) and a quiz for the admin staff (where I won a gift card) after which Chad planted a huge kiss on me in front of everybody.  I was embarrassed and Chad loved every minute of it! 🙂

Saturday was our day to explore!  Chad, again, had more friends that lived in the city and they came and picked us up for breakfast.  We stopped on the way to their house to pick up breakfast tacos at a joint that is known for them (Taco Haven).  In fact, Tommy Lee Jones is known to frequent this spot.  They were delicious.  On the way to their house, we also drove past San Antonio Mennonite church where I spent a week one summer in High School on a church youth group trip.  Wow, the memories came flooding back – we packed 150 youth in to a small church to sleep and shower in the heat of a San Antonio summer.  During the day we went out on service projects (I worked at a homeless shelter) and in the evenings we gathered for devotions and worship.  ANY-way.  We gathered around the table at our friends house and caught up on life and then they dropped us off at the Tower of Americas.  Chad wanted to go up in the tower and see the view of the whole city.  It was neat, but Chad really loves to look at layouts and figure out where things are.  Naturally, while on the elevator ride up, there is a man with a Kansas City shirt on.  Chad asked him where he was from, and come to find out that he works for the same company as the guy that shares office space with my company.  Small world.

IMG_1219 IMG_1220 IMG_1221 IMG_1222 IMG_1227

After the tower, we walked over to the mall, to the Alamo, and through some of the shops near there.  We had lunch on the river walk at Casa Rio, and then went back to the mall to catch a movie (my one request for the weekend – it had been over a year since I had seen a movie in a movie theater.  Life as a momma to a small kiddo) Have you ever been to an AMC movie theater?  This one had recliners!  It was amazing.  You press a button and the feat come up and your whole seat reclines.  I definitely think our local theater needs to get those!  I was hoping to see Catching Fire, but it had already made its way out of the theater, so we settled for American Hustle.  I wouldn’t recommend it, the story was ok, kinda drug on and I was wishing it was over way sooner that it was!

IMG_1230 IMG_1238 IMG_1241

IMG_1244 IMG_1251 IMG_2361 IMG_2362 IMG_2363

After the movie we walked back to our hotel and relaxed a little while before meeting up with a few co-workers (who had also stuck around) for supper.  When we got back to the hotel we hopped on the elevator at the bottom level.  We went up one floor to the lobby and the doors open, and who walks in??  Brad Womack (and his twin) from the Bachelor season (i don’t even know)  As he stepped on to the elevator I got a strange feeling that I knew him from somewhere and it all clicked in my head.  Unfortunately, I was so in shock I was unable to utter a single sound.  Chad made small talk with them, but it was a silent 20 seconds until we arrived at our floor, got off the elevator and I looked at Chad with the widest eyes.  Do ou know who that was?!  Of course, he had no idea.  I told him and then he was upset that I didn’t say anything.  Oh well, I have a small story at least! That evening we ate at the restaurant connected to our hotel called Acenar.  It was fabulous!  I had shrimp tacos and I licked my plate clean!  After dinner we attempted to walk some of it off up and down the river walk, before retiring early to the hotel room as we had an early flight out the next morning.

Whew!  It was a fun trip! And seriously awesome to see all of my planning come together.  So thankful to my company for allowing me not only the immense responsibility, but also the opportunity to even take the trip in the first place.  The generosity that my company shows is simply overwhelming.  I am thankful to work for the company that I do!

Kohen (and me) survived time away.  It was the longest I’d ever left him before.  And in light of the events preceeding the trip, I wasn’t so sure how I’d be feeling.  But it was great to spend quality time with Chad and to not have to worry about every little detail for Ko.  Plus, the gparents loved spending so much time with him.  They may have both texted me the next day to check in on him.  They were missing him like crazy!

IMG_1247 IMG_1248 IMG_1249 IMG_1256 IMG_1257 IMG_1258 IMG_1259 IMG_2372

Halloween 2013

So, this is K man from last year Halloween:


And 2013:

photo 2

Uh, time is going fast.  Look at our baby grow!

With the move to the bigger city, I wasn’t sure how trick-or-treating would go.  And, Chad had a football game, so he wasn’t around to participate in the festivities.  Thankfully, Gina  invited me along to go with her, Adam, and Sutton.  I’m glad we did!  However, I think next year, Ko will get into it even more!

IMG_1980We hit up a trunk or treat at a local high school.  I carried Kohen from trunk to trunk because all he wanted to do was RUN!  I felt like a minor goober collecting candy for my 1 1/2 year old.  But, I didn’t get too many strange looks.  Maybe I should have dressed up?!

photo 1

We then hit up Sonic for 50cent hotdogs and went back to Gina’s house before heading out to walk around her neighborhood.  I put K in the stroller and only walked up to a few houses…1) we didn’t need any more candy 2) he was content to sit in the stroller while I pushed him 3) he could have cared less about actually walking up to the doors and getting candy.


Halloween selfie.IMG_1970

Gina did dress up so she could show off that preggo belly!  Ha!  I helped her make a sweet bow for her hair.


Chad did take K up to work early on Thursday so that he could show him off to the ladies.  At this point, K was just warming up, but apparently he flashed plenty of cute grins as to make all the ladies think he was the cutest kid ever!


Catching up

The last week has been FULL.  We had much to celebrate and enjoy and it first started last Saturday when our good friends, Angela (friend from Hesston College) and Jared ( and Eliza), came down from Iowa to kick off their tour to visit friends.  Both of their birthdays were in October, so they wanted to celebrate big!  We were more than happy to give them a place to stay if they didn’t mind being nice and cozy in the apartment!

They drove down and got in just in time for a celebratory dinner at P.F. Changs.  Jared was, after all, turning 30 the next day!  It was a little chaotic now that we have two babies around the table, but delicious food and even more fabulous company!

The last time Kohen met Eliza she was just a fresh little baby, so this time they got to interact with each other.  I was so intrigued to see how Kohen would act around a younger child.  And it was so funny to watch!  He kept wanting to pat her and give her hugs and kisses.  When he would pat her, he would say “bey-be” (baby).  It was seriously precious.  Eliza was such a good sport and put up with all the “in your space-ness” that Kohen provided.  


Sunday morning we just hung out and prepared for the chiefs party we were hosting for noon.  Our good friends Adam and Gina (and Sutton) aren’t football super fans (like Chad is) and wanted to experience a noon game together.  I made chili and cornbread and we enjoyed another Chiefs WIN!  


Because Jared is a Broncos fan (booo!), the boys had to find a place where the game was playing.  They headed to BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings) while Ang and I went to the mall with the kids to walk around for a bit.  They were such little troopers!


One super sweet little chick!  IMG_1958IMG_1099


Late Monday morning I dropped them off at the airport so they could continue on their “Friend Tour” in Phoenix, AZ.

Then, Friday evening, they flew back in to Wichita.  Chad drove their car and I followed him in our car to pick them up.  We immediately hopped on the turnpike and headed up to KC to the Eberspacher home!

Our three kids had never met each other and it had been way too long since I’d seen Lauren (another good friend from Hesston College).  We got into KC kinda late, so the bigger kids were asleep – Eliza was a little messed up on sleep from the PHX time change.  We stayed up till 1am chatting.  I cannot remember the last time I stayed up that late!

Saturday AM, we got Panera bagels, visited Lauren’s mom’s amazing little Boutique, ZuZu’s Petals, and rounded out the say with a stop at Oklahoma Joe’s for lunch!  It was a quick trip, but I’m SO GLAD it all worked out the way it did.  It was a great time reconnecting and sharing stories from our new stage of life as being mommies!


It was so sunny and there were leaves to play with, of course nobody wanted to look at the camera!IMG_1134

Mommies and babiesIMG_1142

We didn’t flip out, it’s a miracle!


Old friends!


The Husbands.IMG_2007

Kiddos in jammies…is there anything cuter?!  Of course Nora has Christmas on 🙂IMG_2011

Angela, Eliza, Lauren, and Nora – old and future HC roomies!  And Eliza is waving!IMG_1999

Kohen and Nora attempting to share.  It’s tough when a tractor is involved!IMG_2003

Nora baby doll.  And part of the Christmas tree!  Hey, Lauren likes to be festive…and we love her for it!