First Day

We sent Chad off this morning to his first day at the new job.

Chad and I are so different.

I probably would not have been able to sleep last night, would have been a moody nervous wreck all last evening {and in the morning too} worrying about every possible scenario, would have left the house far too early, sweat through my nice work outfit just after arriving at work….etc…

But not ChadRad.  Cool as a cucumber.  SO ready to start.  SO excited about the opportunity.  Looks like Ko was excited too!


And then I got a call over his noon hour.  Even more excited about the job than before he left in the morning…telling me how perfect {i know, nothing is perfect, but he’s pretty darn excited!} it is going to be, how great this job is for him…and on and on.

And then I got this picture….talk about a perfect day!  I was mildly jealous.


What an answer to prayer.  How absolutely amazing to see God’s hand in this entire situation.  No, it was {and still is not} easy to leave many friends and our families to move closer to Chad’s new job.  No, it was {and still is not} easy to leave our church family…{but God is providing}.  Yes, this gal who loves predictability, and planning way too far in advance, said Yes to the Lord and listened to her husband, who needed this new opportunity.  And God is here.  He is with us.  The pastor at the new church we’ve been checking out stopped by our place tonight.  This church is much bigger than anything we’ve ever attended.  He stayed for an hour and half…I fed him brownies and ice cream, but that’s beside the point.  He answered lots of our questions and got to know us a little better.  So thankful for him.  It was a very neat moment in this journey that we are on.

P.S.  The pastor told me that I look like the girl from the Haverty’s commercial.  This is also how he described us to other staff and the KNEW what couple he was referring to.  Do you see it?  I feel like she is a tad more quirky than me…

Haverty's girl